Iran Caught In A Faux Drone Lie Again


Like the proverbial Islamic dictatorship that passes off botched photoshop works as failed propaganda, Iran has once again failed Internet 101.

Iran unveils domestically manufactured VTOL drone


The Mahnad-41 drone, which was designed and manufactured by Iranian technicians of the Khallaqiyat Kavir Company, was put on display in the city of Isfahan during a ceremony attended by Iranian Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Mehdinejad Nouri on Sunday evening.

The VTOL drone is capable of taking photos and video footage while flying and can be used to control traffic, technically inspect electricity transmission towers, and generate digital topographic maps of target sites.

It can also be used in the agricultural sector, the petrochemical industry, and dam and tunnel construction projects.

The remote-controlled aircraft weighs about 680 grams, can fly at 56 kilometers (34 miles) per hour, and has a flight range of 400 meters.

Iran hasn’t yet learned of the existence of reverse image search. If it had, it would have noticed the original, unedited version of this image right away

md4-200 original

See that little orange sticker that says md 4-200?

It’s not only PressTV, it’s also on Fars and other Iranian sites as well. Edit: Even picked up by Ynet

Yes, Iran did just pass off the German quadrotor Micro UAV md 4-200 as their own Mahnad-41.

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