Palestinian Women and Girls Suffering Under Jerusalem Occupation

Traffic was backed up for hours.

Roads were blocked.

Buses were backed up, drivers just sat head in hands.

photo Palestinian woman blocked, image road blocked for Palestinian, photo Arab girl road block

Layers of security surrounded the funeral of Ariel Sharon.

image security Sharon funeral, photo blimp, picture Knesset

A security blimp hovered over the Knesset Building for most of two days.

Dressed in black, riding in pairs, security forces on motorcycles checked and rechecked every bin, anything looking out of place.

image Palestinian woman, photo burka, picture Israel apartheid, Palestinian abused by Israel, Jerusalem apartheid image.

Meanwhile, this woman dressed all in black sat in a Jerusalem, Israel park watching a child play.

Right in the middle of all these over the top security measures, no one thought her out of the ordinary.

image Palestinian girl, Israel apartheid photo, picture Arab girl

This “Palestinian” girl had to stand to order her drink. She then walked of the cafe to Jaffa Road; never was she seated at a table.

image Palestinian girls, photo Arab Jerusalem girls, picture Palestinian girls

And then this man just sat as two “Palestinian” girls walked by.

Shopping in the center of Israeli Jerusalem?

Impossible, BDSholes say no to that.

image Palestinians Jerusalem, photo Palestinian abuse, picture Palestinian women Israel

Oh but, Jaffa Road shopping can be so exhausting, you have to sit down.

image Muslim women, photo Palestinian women, picture Palestinian abuse

Another problem, it is difficult for “Palestinian” women to walk on Jaffa Road sidewalks these days, with those light rail stations blocking the way.

The light rail system, that nasty public transportation that so many “Palestinian” women use to come to Jaffa Road to shop.

image Palestinian girls, photo Arab girls, picture Palestinian girls

“Palestinian” girls in Jerusalem, Israel, wear jeans (though we cannot be sure how much suffering goes into getting them so tightly fitted.)

All these photos (and lots more) were taken within a few minutes on Jaffa Road as the international world was focused on Ariel Sharon’s funeral at the Knesset, only a few kilometers and minutes away.

Coming home and reading complaints by Daniel Seidmann of the poor “Palestinians” in Jerusalem, Israel,

one has to wonder what Terrestrial Jerusalem is he on?

Oh those poor, poor “Palestinian” girls and women suffering now under”occupation” in this “united Jerusalem.”

In these photos you see just how strict security was on the streets during this special event.

picture arab girls, photo Palestinian girls Israel, image Palestinian abuse

Yes, at least one guy was watching, when two cute “Palestinian” girls went by on the Jerusalem, Israel streets.

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I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last seven years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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  • a Jerusalemite

    The man sitting in a coffee shop shown as the 2 Arab girls are passing him is by the way also an Arab. I see him all the time in the city center as I see thousands of other Arabs totally enjoying everything the Israeli life style and the development that Israel made in Jerusalem. Where do these Arabs get to have cleen streets with developed infrastructure, gardens and parks, moderm public transpotration, great coffee shops and stores?
    Actually I see nowadays more Arabs than Jews enjoying center and west Jerusalem – seems they have more free time on their hands than the Jews who are either working hard to pay taxes or study or go to the army to make sure Israel and Jerusalem continues to be a safe place – unlike Syria or Egypt or Lebanon.
    It’s the Israel run municipality, Israeli government money,. Israeli engineers, architects, business men that made Jerusalem into this very beautiful, modern, developed city. The Arabs take advantag of all of that and the national security stipends and the advanced Israeli medical services without really contributing anything or having anything to do with the Jewish state.
    In polls they say clearly that they want Israel to continue control east Jerusalem and not the Palestinians. It’s obvious why…

    • Real Jstreets

      Thanks for your comment. Usually I take photos of women and girls dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, because otherwise it is impossible to tell Arab and Jews apart, except for language perhaps.
      Once on Egged bus to Bar Ilan University from Jerusalem, two fashionably dressed girls did not stand up for a memorial siren, so then could assume that they were Arab girls.
      Any day a walk down Jaffa Road or a stroll through Mamilla Mall, and there are way too many of these photos to post.

      • a Jerusalemite

        I usually can tell the difference between Arabs and Jews athough you are right, with them now dressed exacty like Israeil Jews and pretending to be Israeli Jews, and with many Arab girls and women (perhaps Christians?) not wearing a head scarf it is harder to tell the difference – especially between Arabs and Israeli Jews who are Mizrahim (originally from Arab countries).

        What irritates me though is although many Arabs may look like Israelis – especially after they bought their cloths from Israeli stores and they try to mimic how Israeli behave and look, and although they live not far from Jerusalem center and west Jerusalem, they really have nothing to do with the state of Israel.
        Until 2 years ago who saw them? They stuck to “their” part of twon – i.e. east Jerusalem. When did you see Arabs come to shop, drink coffee, stroll in Jaffa street or Ben Yehuda until 2 years ago? you didn’t.
        Most don’t even speak Hebrew. Their identity has always been Palestinian, their education system – Palestinian, culture, mentality, way of life etc – always been Arab Palestinian. They know nothing about Israel. About Israel’s culture, army, political system, judicial system, media etc etc. Their grandfathers actually fought the Israeli soldiers.
        Until 2 years ago they didn’t know what “Aroma” coffee shop is or “Fox” clothes etc. But now they act with such arrogance and confidence when they come to the Israeli environment as if they are the salt of the earth of the state of Israel and the Israeli environment and ilfestyle is where they grew up and where they belong instead of the evnironment from which they do come from – east Jerusalem and the Arab Palestinian environment which is a totally different world.

        I was in Mamillah today. You see more Arabs than Jews there. You see all these Arab students straight from their school strolling there as if It’s their natural environment. What do they have with Mamillah? Mamillah was totally renovated and rebuilt and planned by Jewish architects. All the stores are Israeli (except for international chains). The money, economy, vision behind the rebuilding of Mamillah – all Jews. Where do they get their arrogance? Is there and Arab city in the world which looks like what we Jews have built in Jerusalem?? Is there any urban planning at all in the Arab world? I hate their arrogance and showing off attitude when really they are guests in a city built, panned and developed by Israeli Jews when they have nothing to do with Israel.

        I really think that in their illusions they look at what Jerusalem looks like today, after Israel made it into what it is and truely believe that that’s how Jerusalem looked like before Israel was established and we Jews only took everything that was already there from them. So the light rail and paved clean streets and gardens and parks and coffee shops etc. etc. – all that is actually Palestinian, part of THEIR heritage and we Jews just stole it all from them!

        • Real Jstreets

          Hmm, and what really irritates me, is that with all that freedom in Mamilla and Jaffa and Ben Yehdua area,and in Israeli society and government, there are so many that use and believe the insult of Apartheid. But there are many other untruths that are popular, too. Narratives do not have to stick to facts.
          Mamilla cemetery area was so ugly a few years ago, I did not take I regret it. People have short memories and do not believe the difference.

          • a Jerusalemite

            It’s just that the Arabs have managed to swist the truth and lie about it for so long that people believe them. In 10 years time they will tell everybody that Mamilla – the way it looks today has always been part of their Arab Palestinian city as well as everything else that we Jews built and developed in Jerusalem. Never mind that Jerusalem in any case was never theirs but was under British control and before that Ottoman control etc. Never mind that the Arab NEVER did anything for this land. Never developed one inch of it. They will say that the way the city center looks today, Ben Yehuda and Jaffa streets, the first station compound, the Bell garden, Sacker garden, Mamilla and Malha malls, even Mishkanot Sha’ananim and Temin Moshe neighborhoods etc etc, all the nice streets, buildings and stores, infrastructure, public transportation, universities, hospitals etc. etc., all existed way before Israel was established and belonged to them and we Israelis just stole everything from them.
            And you know what? everybody will believe them.
            The truth of course is documented – The Jerusalem municipality has photos and plans of everything that was built and developed under Israeli control, and their are pictures and documents from the British Mandate and the 400 years of Ottoman control that show exactly what Jerusalem was like before the Zionist Jews and afterward Israel started to build in it and develop it, but who looks at that? Much easier to believe the Palestinian lies, especiaaly when they are told with such confidence and conviction.

            • Real Jstreets

              Interesting, I am working on a post now, about how the truth is not exciting enough and the anti-Israel folks are using fiction, now radio drama to share their cause. If one sees and hears a lie often enough, does seem many do indeed believe it.

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