Code Pink Crazy’s Fundraising Campaign Reaches Code Red Status

Remember barking mad, antisemitic BDShole Cat Watters, who wanted me to fund her trip to Gaza, and seemed to have difficulties in cartoon comprehension?

Her fundraising seems to have hit a snag. No-one wants to donate.


But not to worry. Catt seems to know the reason.

watters post

Given her antisemitic Facebook shares, I am surprised that is not a link to a video or story about Jews.

She really needs to stay off the sugar. Or is that cocaine?

Update: I think I’ve just coined a new phrase: catsh*t crazy

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  • NormanF

    I wonder if she donated to herself.

    No one really cares about Gaza! Even her fellow moonbats on the Far Left have moved on.

  • BethesdaDog

    What is it with people named Cat?

  • cba

    I think she nailed it: “If they put the TRUTH on the labels, no-one buys it.”

    More people are now seeing the truth of the product labeled “help the poor Palestinians” and they’re keeping their distance.

  • ThisIsPalestine

    Sorry, Cat, but if I donated to your campaign, that would mean money going to Gaza, which would be tantamount to support Hamas, whose policies I consider abhorrent.

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