Devin Does Israel = Major BDS Fail

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Israellycool readers have been kept informed of the rabid anti-Israel atmosphere on the UCLA campus. The recent student elections were marred by allegations of impropriety against pro-Israel students Sunny Singh and Lauren Rogers. The radical BDS group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) had filed ethics charges against the two student representatives for going on sponsored Israel trips prior to voting on SJP’s divestment resolution. The group asserts that Singh and Rogers should have recused themselves from the divestment vote after being tainted by their respective trips to Israel.

This is where it gets rich. Legal Insurrection reported today that none other than Devin Murphy, SJP’s endorsed candidate for President went on the very same Israel junket for which SJP has been excoriating pro-Israel council member Lauren Rogers.

With this inconvenient revelation will SJP demand that their man Murphy recuse himself from all future Israel votes now that his lungs have been tainted with Holy Land air? Don’t hold your breath.

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