Reader Post: Max Blumenthal Has Twitter Thugs

Despite her blondness, Ari Playford is more than an intellectual match for Max Blumenthal

Despite her blondness, Ari Playford is more than an intellectual match for Max Blumenthal

A couple days ago Max Blumenthal retweeted a photo of Gaza under fire…from 2012. Throughout the twitter-sation I chimed in that this was indicative of how thorough Maxy’s research tends to be. He was included in the mentions, saw my response and decided to follow me. I prophetically joked to some fellow (what I refer to in my head as ) ‘Israellycoolers’ that I was about to get trolled.

That moment came when I made the following tweet last night:

This was in reference to this story about Arabs celebrating the rockets on the Temple Mount [Editor: note also celebrations in Jaffa]

For some reason, Max chose to ignore the multiple conversations I’d had with various people over twitter, including Muslims both inside and outside of Gaza, that same night about wanting peace and how this will end once they have leaders who actually pursue peace over hatred of Israelis (Jews) or at least valued their own citizens lives more than they valued trying to destroy Israel. One conversation was about how, as long as we let extremists on both sides be the most vocal parties, we all lose. I said, repeatedly, I wanted no loss of life to innocents on either side.

I also spent the week before this escalation loudly condemning about, what feels like, a constantly growing list of murdered young people; Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, Omaima Jaradat and Shelly Dadon, who was murdered in May but whose nationalist-motivated killer was just recently caught.

I literally swore about how infuriated I was to hear Jews had beaten legal Palestinian workers in Hadera. I condemned the on-going violence against Jews in Arab towns. I was heartbrokenly disappointed to find out the suspects who killed Muhammad Abu Khdeir were Jewish and I stated multiple times they need to be treated the same as Arab terrorists-prosecuted to the full extent of the law and have their homes demolished. I feel like I have spent so much time vocally condemning things lately that I am literally out of words and synonyms to express my condemnations without sounding like I’ve created a template and am copying and pasting the details of each horrific occurrence.

Max Blumenthal didn’t even bother to look at any of this (again, there are those research skills on display!) and retweeted my tweet which was intended to point out the hypocrisy of Muslims frequently claiming Jews have no history and no connection to Jerusalem because it is their holy city and we shouldn’t be allowed to touch it. Then multiple rockets hit and caused damage in Jerusalem and the Arab reaction wasn’t “easy there, my Gazan brothers, could you reign it in a little? You just hit Islam’s 3rd holiest city and 300,000 of your Arab brethren live here.” Instead the reaction was to go celebrate that rockets hit their holy city while shouting Allahu Akbar.

I didn’t think what I said was really that controversial. Sure, some could see my comments regarding their fake claims as controversial but there is a multitude of evidence that Jerusalem only became holy once the Jews gained it back from Jordan in 1967. But I assume people don’t know any of that, just like they don’t know most of the history here. That’s fine, for a long time I didn’t either.

Anyway, for some reason Max decided to retweet this one tweet of mine and my prophetic claim that I was going to get trolled came true. And it came true with gems like this:

(Max favorited this one)

So many people could not fathom that a Proud Zionist could also be pro-peace. People also could not believe a blonde was capable of not being a moron, and I got added both to a list of “Racist Zionists” and “Apartheid Lovers.”

This one I actually engaged with for far too long. He almost immediately tried to “dead-baby me” by sending me a picture of a dead child and essentially saying “if you’re not all evil, explain this!” After confirming the picture was recent and indeed from Gaza, I responded that I could do it too and shared a photo of one of the murdered Fogel boys but pointed out that while casualties are heartbreaking and sad, this boy was murdered in cold blood, and was by no means an accident. After accusing me of making a disgusting fake, this person backtracked when they must have actually looked up the photo or story of the Fogel family. However, rather than saying what a horrible crime it was, this person then tried to say Israel’s accidental casualty killing of a child was exponentially morally worse than murderers who brutally killed children while they slept, including an infant, purely because they were Jews. As can be expected with people this morally twisted, they eventually lapsed into anti-semitic comments and I ended the conversation.

So these are the people Max Blumenthal’s work appeals to. Jew-hating, Hitler-loving, anti-intellectuals, who are too lazy to do any research that isn’t fed to them by an outlet they have pre-approved. Not that we really needed to question his research capabilities before this, but it just further proves he’d rather incite than resolve, promote himself rather than promote peace, and will cater to some of the worst people in humanity if they will buy his books.

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  • steven

    The idiots who complain that Blonde hair is not middle eastern.First I’ve seen Blonde Arabs all over the middle East.And if they would travel to Northern Iraq not the Kurdish area they have a large tribe of Arabs with 80% of them being blonde

    • Hasdai

      And don’t forget Shirley Temper.

      • steven

        What do you mean

        • walt kovacs

          the whitest arab on the entire planet

          • steven

            Oh yea now i remember.She’s all over the place that little kid gets around must have a car service courtesy of pallywood

  • werewife

    That Max Blumenthal still lives while Andrew Breitbart has been gone these 2+ years is one reason I believe there MUST be an afterlife, so that justice may be done. Yasher koach, Ari; I salute your courage in getting down in the dirt with these false and horrible people!

  • steven

    Don’t forget to ask slappy maxie if his Father is still an alcoholic he was arrested in Nashua New Hampshire for DWI

    • walt kovacs

      once a drunk, always a drunk

      and that was his second dwi

  • walt kovacs

    of course

    but why attack max on this?

    why arent you talking about his amazing conspiracy theory on the kidnapping and murder of the 3 israeli kids?

    max is a sociopathic fantasist

  • walt kovacs

    i took part in the counter rally to the jew hate rally in los angeles organized by groups such as answer, the radical anarchists

    our side yelled slogans like am yisrael chai, hamas has gotta go, we want peace

    their side stuck to the same script of no justice, no peace (they want war)

    from the river to the sea (they want it all)

    intifada, intifada….they want arabs to kill the jew

    and despite both sides being totally peaceful thanks to a nice calm presense of the lapd…maxxies butt buddy, ali abupigman, showed up to try to do this

    i didnt see the incident, so it either happened before i got there or right after i left

    i also never saw that guy in the hat, who ali made sure to talk to first

    note how the second guy (who i do recognize) contradicts the racism of the first

    i believe the guy in the hat was a plant

    and im glad the lapd had their thinking caps on and knew exactly what the pigman was up to

    note that he lies to the cops and despite being the editor of what he considers a news site, never id’s himself as a journo

  • J B

    Ari, your post is very good. I do feel compelled to argue against one thing, however. Those monstrous youth’s parents and siblings don’t deserve to lose their home unless they were materially or at least rhetorically supportive of their horrible actions. Knowing Israeli culture as well as I do, my default assumption is that they were not, and are as repulsed by the youths’ actions as the rest of us.
    In Arab culture, sadly, the evidence leads one to default to the opposite assumption. That is why there is, and needs to be, an imbalance on this issue. After all, if we could trust the PA to enforce law, order, and justice among their own people (instead of constant antisemitic incitement and material support for terrorists), none of these actions on Israel’s part would even be necessary.
    But just because they are necessary doesn’t necessarily make it appropriate to treat our own people in exactly the same way. Letting those boys rot in prison is justice enough. (Plus, there are some indications that one of those boys was literally mentally ill, which is another aspect.)

    • Ari

      I’m sorry but I have an incredibly hard time believing the minors involved with this, who burned another child alive, were not raised in a household that was bringing them up in a manner that made them feel this behavior was justified. They were in all likelihood indoctrinated to hate Arabs their entire lives, just the way so many Palestinians are indoctrinated to hate Jews. They committed an act of terrorism, intended to cause terror and breed more hatred because what they were taught growing up made them think they were above the laws of the land the laws of humanity. This is an act of terror whether they were Jew or Arab, Jewish Arab, yellow, brown, black, or green and it needs to be treated as an act of terror.

      • J B

        “This is an act of terror whether they were Jew or Arab, Jewish Arab, yellow, brown, black, or green and it needs to be treated as an act of terror.”

        I do not disagree with this statement in the slightest.

        And if, indeed it is determined that were “raised in a household that was bringing them up in a manner that made them feel this behavior was justified…indoctrinated to hate Arabs their entire lives, just the way so many Palestinians are indoctrinated to hate Jews”, then I’ll agree their families in general need to be punished as well.

        I guess my point is simply that, in Israel, that’s generally not the case. It’s possible these boys were just bad apples. We have thieves, murders, and rapists in this country too without them having to be “brought up” to be such. Sometimes it really is personal choices, and my default assumption is that is what it was. I think you should assume that too unless the investigation shows otherwise.

        Either way, I expect we shall see. When the evidence is in, then let’s discuss the fine details of sentencing.

  • ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Ari, only one disagreement with you. I’m just as sickened as you to be reminded that Jews could do something like this, but there is something contradictory and unfair in saying “the suspects who killed Muhammad Abu Khdeir”. Why? Because they are at this point only suspects. In fact, the court today ordered the release of three of the suspects because there was no evidence tying them to the crime. I am reserving judgment as well on the ones who confessed without being allowed to consult a lawyer. I realize that Israeli law permits the police to deny them access to counsel, but those kids must have been under tremendous duress.
    I want this murder solved and the killers convicted and punished. That also means not convicting the wrong people. Whether these guys — several of whom are apparently no angels — are the right ones or not is something I’m not qualified to say.

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