Reader Post: Winter Is Not Coming


london-protest-slogans-1024x635Just another business trip! When flying around the world is an integral part of your job you learn to turn a switch in your mind that blocks out the craziness of modern travel. Tuesday, as I boarded El Al Flight 315 from Tel Aviv to London around 9:45amit was like any other flight. However, a few minutes in, as people where still boarding and struggling with luggage, a flight attendant announced over the sound system that we must all evacuate the plane. The sirens had started again. I have been disembarked from many planes for a multitude of reason, from broken equipment to tempestuous weather, but never for an incoming rocket. That was a new one for me!

Surprisingly, everyone got off the plane very quickly, without panic, without complaint. After the obligatory ten minutes in the shelter we began to re-board the flight, and eventually took off to London with only a slight delay.

Honestly, I did not give the incident much thought; after all I had stopped counting the number of times I have had to go into the bomb shelter or get out my car and seek shelter from incoming rockets since the shelling began. But, admittedly, I did wonder if this incident was unique.

Arriving at my hotel room near Heathrow later in the day, I clicked on the television to hear the latest news from home. It’s weird how you catch your breath hoping that the anchor doesn’t say that another soldier was killed or a rocket landed in populated areas and hurt someone. Channel surfing for an update, the most amazing thing happened; there were no less than Thirty! That’s 3-0 channels in Arabic from around the world. All showing war images from Gaza and the obligatory talking head screaming for the death of Israel and Jews worldwide.

Now, this is not a surprise, the Muslim world has long ago succumbed to the psychotic cerebral condition of the unadulterated hatred of Jews. What surprised me most was that the English speaking news networks, comparatively there were 10 of those, seemed even more hell-bent on proselytizing the fact that Israel is to blame for everything that was happening.  You got a sense from the way they spoke that they were truly enjoying attacking Israel in every interview, sentence and word. These so called journalists appear to be on an evangelical mission to show just how truly evil the Jews are. Astoundingly, there was no mention, not even once, about the killings of hundreds and thousands in Syria over the last several weeks. I guess some Muslim lives are more news worthy than others.

Using the term “Jews”, and not “Israelis” above was deliberate. Winter is not coming, it’s here. These news reports, the violent protests in France, Britain, the rest of Europe, the United States and the Muslim world calling for the gassing, killing and extermination of Jews the world over have a common thread. That commonality is polarity.

The world today is polarized between the sane and the insane, the rational and irrational, the peaceful and the zealots. There is no middle ground. Anyone thinking they can sit on the fence or wait this one out is sorely mistaken. The era of politically correct conversation is dead, especially when only one side is aware of its existence. It is time to say things as they really are.

The Muslim world is controlled by a group of psychotic zealots with one ideology. That notion is the absolute belief in the segregation, dehumanization and extermination of world Jewry as a whole and Israel in particular. Now, this may sound extreme and overarching. People will argue that most Muslims are peace loving, normal people. That counter argument is valid. But these normal people must be the first to stand and fight the zealots within their midst. If this silent majority is truly peace loving, why do they allow this rhetoric to be disseminated in their name?

Unfortunately, the ideological disease has spread beyond the Muslim world. It has afflicted many in the so called enlightened western word.

The world today is lost; it is lost due to a lack of true leadership. In its absence history has shown us time and again that evil will fill the void. That is where we are today. We are again witnessing the world dividing between good and evil. I realize the melodramatic nature of such a statement. But, look around; can this be the world that we are living in? A world that Jews must go on television to justify our existence. A world where it does not matter if you live in Paris, Boston, Istanbul or Ashkelon you cannot feel secure in your own home. A world that yet again seeks to unload its neurotic and irrational problems at the door step of the usual scapegoat, the Jews.

The question is why? Why the Jews? Is it because there only 14 million of us in the world and that makes for an easy target? Is it the Arab world’s money? Are the afflicted so fearful that they will be cut off from the money and oil? I don’t know the answer and I am sure there isn’t just one.

However, this time it’s different, this time we will not go away quietly into the darkness. This time we have built a country, an army and a people that will not yield and will not lie down without a fight. This time Jews the world over have where to escape to from stone-aged jihadist murders and their barbarian European hoard contemporaries.

To people around the world, look around you; open your eyes to reality, remember the lessons we have been taught about “Never Again”, and understand that winter is here and reality is that we are “Here Again.” What we chose to do today will be taught in text books in the future, the question is, what will they write? “Never Again the Sequel” or “History was not allowed to repeat.”

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