How Israel Haters Describe The Attempted Lynch: A Case Study In Shameless Lying


I have already written about the misdirected condemnation towards the Israeli who was almost lynched by Arabs in Hawara. In this post, I want to illustrate just how shameless in their lying the haters truly are.

Let us look again at video of the incident.

All of us have eyes. The Israeli’s car slowly enters the area of the protesters, who quickly surround the car. The car is forced to a standstill, as they kick his car and strike it with rocks. He moves forward to try to escape, knocking over some people, until the ambulance cuts him off. He is trapped and his life is clearly in danger. The Arabs surround him again and strike his car before he apparently fires his weapon.

We also have images of the damage to the car.

Now let’s look at how some of the haters are describing what happened.

Exhibit A: Richard Silverstein

No context, no mention of his life being in danger – just a focus on the fact he knocked over some protesters and then fired his weapon, which he did when trying to escape with his life.

Exhibit B: Charlotte Silver of Electronic Intifada

Silver, the same “journalist” who blatantly lied about me, wrote about the incident, even including the above video. Yet see how she describes what happened.

An Israeli settler shot and killed a young Palestinian man in the northern occupied West Bank on Thursday.

Mutaz Hussein Hilal Bani Shamsa, 23, died shortly after he was shot in the head by the settler who opened fire at a group of protesters. The settler also shot AP photographer Majdi Eshtayya, injuring him in the hand.

Shamsa was one of about 200 Palestinians who had gathered at the Huwwara military checkpoint, near Nablus, to demonstrate in solidarity with the mass Palestinian prisoner hunger strike that entered its second month this week.

Following the shooting of Shamsa and Eshtayya, the settler fled the scene, running over several Palestinians and crashing into an ambulance on his way.

[above video included]

The video above shows that Israelis fired tear gas and other dispersal weapons at the protesters, forcing them to retreat.

Ahmad Jibril, the head of the ambulance and emergency department at the Palestine Red Crescent Society, told the Ma’an News Agency that he saw the settler get out of his vehicle and open fire at Palestinians “in a random manner.”

Jibril also reported that the settler crashed into three people and a Red Crescent ambulance after he shot Shamsa and Eshtayya.

The settler has said his vehicle came under attack by protesters and claimed he fired his gun in self-defense.

“Praise God, fortunately I managed to get away after looking death in the face. They almost lynched me,” the shooter said in a videotaped statement that he made to the police after he filed a complaint against the Palestinian protesters.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that “he refused to answer additional questions.”

The police distributed the settler’s statement to the media and immediately came to his defense.

“He was in a critical, life-threatening situation,” said Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld.

The shooter, whose identity has not been revealed, lives in the Itamar settlement, which is built on land seized from Nablus-area villagers in violation of international law.

Silver states as fact the Israeli opened fire at protesters and crashed into others before fleeing. The idea his life was in danger and he acted in self-defense is mentioned as a mere claim of his and the police – despite the unambiguous nature of the footage she includes. Silver then finishes the piece with condemnation of where the Israeli lives, painting him as a criminal.

These are just two examples of how some – so pathological in their hatred of Israel – blatantly lie, despite the existence of evidence painting a very different picture of what happened.

There is no excuse for anyone taking what they say at face value.

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