Roger Waters Again Spouting Lies, Hate and Antisemitism In New Interview


Rock’n’roll BDS-hole Roger Waters was recently interviewed by an outfit called Radio Sputnik – and once again his lies, hate and antisemitism came to the fore.

You can catch the entire thing here:

Listen to “Roger Waters Continues Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” on Spreaker.

Or, you can listen to the shorter “low-lights” compilation below, which I created. Note:

  • How Waters treated his Israeli fans and then describes how he felt uncomfortable after they reacted in shock
  • His claim he was “molested” by “settlers”
  • How he speaks of the “local resistance” (i.e. terrorists)
  • Speaking about his father came to Palestine in the 1930s, and complained about Zionists buying up land with American money
  • Constantly referring to Jewish money, lobby and organizations in a derogatory way (before trying to correct himself)
  • Lying about BDS not being able Israel’s destruction or antisemitic
  • Lying that Israel treats the palestinians like subhumans because we consider ourselves superior (i.e. like the Nazis)
  • Comparing himself to Martin Luther King
  • Claiming the palestinians are an “ancient people”
  • Excusing palestinian terrorism and lying about the nature of terror attacks against Israelis

Here’s hoping YouTube doesn’t remove this video.

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