Royal Quartz at Paris’ Orly Airport Wipes Israel off the Map


Alliance reports on the latest attempt to wipe Israel off the map – French style (hat tip: Mike).

An Israeli couple bought a watch at Orly airport in France as they boarded for Tel Aviv airport, Ben-Gurion, in the famous Royal Quartz store.

What was not their surprise to see printed on their receipt in place of Israel “Palestinian occupied territory instead of the name of the country”

This couple has been struggling for more than a month to get an explanation from the management of the store that retreats behind a deafening silence.

Remember, Ben Gurion airport is in what is commonly known as “Israel proper”, not the disputed territories. So only those who see all of Israel as illegitimate would refer to this area as “palestinian occupied territories.” They cannot even hide behind the so-called “occupied territories” sham narrative.

Join me in letting Royal Quartz Paris know this is unacceptable: we won’t set foot in any of their stores – and will discourage others from doing so – until they issue a public apology and discontinue this insidious practice.

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