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Sarah Halimi Injustice: President Macron Urges Changes to the Law

President Macron is calling for a change in the law after the decision by France’s Supreme Court not to prosecute Kobili Traoré for murder.

France: Where Jews Are Considered to be Beneath Animals

Here is another story for you, in case you wanted to give French court benefit of the doubt following their decision on Sarah Halimi's killer

French Islamist Kobili Traoré Evades Trial for Killing Sarah Halimi

The French Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that Kobili Traoré is ineligible to stand trial for killing Sarah Halimi

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad: Muslims Have Right to Kill Millions of French People

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir "Mahitler" Mohamad states Muslims have the right to massacre the French

WATCH: Dabke Dancing With a Nazi Twist

This apparently happened in Paris a few days ago

Strasbourg Bans Israeli Flags Ahead of Soccer Match with Maccabi Haifa

Typical pandering to violent antisemites and terror supporters

Royal Quartz at Paris’ Orly Airport Wipes Israel off the Map

The latest attempt to wipe Israel off the map - French style

Muslim Leader of Interfaith Dialogue Group is DOING IT ALL WRONG

French Imam mam Mohamed Tatai is quite the nasty piece of work

French Logic

The French: Do as we say, not as we do

French Mayor’s Vile Act of Hatred Towards Israel

The mayor of Bezons, France (located about 8 miles from the center of Paris), Dominique Lespare, has inaugurated "Nakba" alley, to commemorate the "disaster" that the establishment of the state of Israel represents to them

French Consulate Worker Indicted For Smuggling Guns to Palestinians

An employee at the French consulate in Jerusalem has been indicted for using a diplomatic vehicle to smuggle dozens of guns from Gaza to the West Bank

French Town Unveils Marvel of Israeli Technology

Another day, another Israeli invention comes to light. Literally.

Mainstream Media Not Reporting Brutal, Antisemitic Attack In France

Apparently not newsworthy enough

Paris Peace Conference On Israel-Palestine Will Ignore French Law

“This is the first time that a Court has legally destroyed all Palestinian legal claim that Israel’s occupation is illegal.”
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