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Towards a New Model of Israel Advocacy

Our current methods are losing the next generation

Revolutionary New Concept In Palestine: The “Child-Friendly School”

An unheard-of concept has finally arrived in Palestine!

Citi Should Follow The Lead Of American Express

A kind request to the good folks at Citi.

Palestinian Loses Job…For Crime Of Saving Jewish Lives

And a prominent "settler" tries to help him
Balloons released on the occasion of the second anniversary of the founding of Oz VeGaon

Happy Birthday, Oz VeGaon

Has it really been two years since the three boys and Oz VeGaon entered our hearts to stay?

What I Learned On My Month Off Social Media

How a month off social media helped me calm the #%@$ down.

Only In Israel: An Authentic Israeli Celebration

Some patriotism was lacking in the food department.

Imagine…There’s No Moral Inversion

Cartoonist Pablo Stanley demonizes Israel. But heaven forbid he demonize the terrorists!

The Deliberate Extermination Of Judaism In Yemen

Yemenite Jews have more right to be in Yemen than the alien Arab/Muslim culture that’s replaced them by conquest.

WATCH: The Continuing Conquest And Colonisation Of Israel By The EU

Taking a closer look at EU’s attempt to establish a new empire in Israel.

Know Your History: Mark Sykes, Post Balfour Declaration (NY Times Dec 12, 1917)

The latest installment in my series to better understand the modern history of our region

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