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ElAl’s Planes Will Be Powered By British Rolls Royce Jet Engines

I guess with a deal this big on the table, there’s no way a bunch of screechy protesters throwing hissy fits in super markets were ever going to stop commerce.

Alls Well That Ends Well: Ben Gurion Emergency Over

LY2521 flight from Ben Gurion, Israel to Prague has to return to the airport.

Celebrity Tweet Of The Day: Mia Farrow ?? El Al

"I want the EL AL security measures. They have always been targeted, yet they keep planes & passengers safe"

Lets Turn This Plane Around

They turned the plane around, and drove back to the terminal to pick up young cancer patient.

Israellycool Gets Results! El Al Cancels Roger Waters Promotional Package

Where our scoop resulting in another Roger Waters fail

El Al Promoting Packages To Roger Waters Concert

From the Dumb Jews department

How To Spot Israel Bashers

1: They are sharing a five year old article, 2: They were previously featured here for being jerks.

Ynet Removes Evidence Of Their Sloppiness

Ynet has responded to my post showing their El Al hostess report was a bucket of hogwash

Ynet Fooled By Fake El Al Story

Last week I showed how the "El Al has the most beautiful stewardesses in the world" story was likely bunk. Over a week later, Ynet falls for it hook, line and sinker
el al advert

Weird Israeli Advertisement Of The Day

My second El Al related post of the day

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