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Who Wore It Better? Eurovision Edition

Netta is about to split a sea

Separated at Birth: Fat Head Edition

Roger Waters certainly has a big head

Separated at Birth: You’re Putin Me On (Meow) Edition

It has taken cats to bring me out of virtual separated at birth retirement, with my second feline-related post in a few days

Separated at Birth: An Eternity in Gaza Edition

Another separated at birth inspired by yesterday's post on horsing around in Gaza

Separated at Birth: You Are Tearing Me Apart, Putin! Edition

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and cult actor/director Tommy Wiseau

Separated at Birth: Genius Corbyn Edition

UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn gets the separated at birth treatment

Liberal Democrat Candidate Ashuk Ahmed Reveals Himself To Be Vile Antisemite

The Liberal Democrats sure know how to pick 'em.

Vile Antisemite Thomas Lopez-Pierre Running For NYC Council

Meet Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who is running as a candidate for NY City Council in the 7th Council District

Separated At Birth: The Grand Mufti Of My Heart Edition

If they do happen to make a movie about the original evil leader of Arab Palestine at least we have a good casting choice.

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