People In Glass Houses

Here’s another document to file in the Richard Silverstein Hypocrisy folder. Remember when Doucheblogger™ Dickie messed up an attempted move to a new web host? He left his site completely open with not even a password needed to guess.

Someone (not me or anyone else associated with this blog) found his website like that and put up, oh the horror of it, an Israeli flag and a truly pro-Israel message!

What shame, oh the inhumanity! How can Richard ever live with the fact that for a few hours the website purportedly under his control might actually have been supporting Israel instead of the usual lies and calumny he publishes.

So when the Foreign Minister of Iran (who’s Facebook and twitter pronouncements were in the news very recently) had his Facebook account “hacked” probably because of an insecure password, computer genius Richard Silverstein pronounces on twitter:

“If Zafir’s FB acct was hacked why does he blame hackers instead of himself? Get better password.”


Hey Richard, you’ve been whining for a year about how you were the target of The Mossad, Shin Bet, Global Zionist Conspiracy™ and anyone else you can think of and you were so dumb you didn’t just have a bad password, you had NO PASSWORD!

As I said back then: he’s one dumb idiot who isn’t fit to handle a ball point pen lest he stab himself with it.

It would be funny if ….. no, it is funny!

And a few other on Twitter notice the joke.

5 thoughts on “People In Glass Houses”

    1. MohammedTheTeddy-Bear

      “the jew hating bastard didnt choke on his ham ham & cheese sandwich he ate during the Yizkor Service……”


  1. To class Silverstein as “one dumb idiot” is to give him a get-out card (mental feebleness) which he does not merit. The man is motivated by malice, not mere stupidity. No other explanation is possible when a (supposed) Jew accuses his fellow Jews of poisoning the wells of Palestinians – as he does in a recent blog ( where, amongst other things, he repeats the slander that “Israeli forces introduced typhus and dysentery into the water systems of Acre and Gaza, resulting in numerous illnesses and deaths.”

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