Reader Post: Brzezinski Equates Israeli Right Wing with Hamas

Varda Meyers Epstein is a blogger at the Times of Israel and the communications writer at Kars for Kids, a car donation charity whose proceeds fund children’s educational initiatives.

It’s a poorly kept secret: former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski hates Israel. Most recently, this hatred was manifested during a Face the Nation interview with CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer. The topic of the 6-minute interview was the feasibility of negotiations between the United States and Iran on Iran’s nuclear weapons development.

At roughly 3:13, Brzezinski equates the “extreme right wing” of Israel with Hamas, an Arab terror organization and states that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is the leader of this extremist sector of the Israeli population.

Schieffer asks Brzezinski, “Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has called Rouhani a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ How would [the idea of U.S./Iran negotiations] go down in Israel?”

Brzezinski responds, “Look, Israel has its own Hamas. The Palestinians are divided and Hamas is extremist, doesn’t want to negotiate with anyone, wants to have total demands. In Israel, the situation is somewhat similar. There is an extreme right wing of which the Prime Minister is the leader.

It is not a faction that is supported by the dominant majority of the Israeli people. The majority of Israelis are sensible, realistic. They know that peace is in Israel’s interest. Mr. Netanyahu talks, if one were to take him seriously, as if he actually wanted a war—particularly between the United States and Iran. I don’t think most Israelis think this is a good idea. The American Jews don’t think it’s a good idea. I think most sensible people believe that eventually there will have to be a recommendation based on compromise and mutual respect.”

Extreme Bias

That a former advisor to Pres. Carter publicly equates the political ethos of roughly half the population of U.S. ally Israel with a terrorist organization is not merely surprising. It’s repugnant and betrays an extreme bias against the Jewish State by comparing Israeli citizens who want to live in peace and freedom to Arab baby-killers who want to kill the Jews and take over Israel for themselves as part of a wider, Jew-free Caliphate.

It’s not just that Brzezinski betrays his bias in this interview, he also lies for public consumption (read: brainwashing the sheeple). Contrary to Brzezinski’s breezy dishonest claims, Netanyahu is by no means representative of Israel’s extreme right wing. The Israeli PM has publicly stated his support for the creation of a Palestinian State. He has, during his years in office, released Arab prisoners, frozen construction in Judea and Samaria, and given Hebron over to Arab control.

So no, the Israeli PM is far from representing the right wing, let alone the extreme right wing of Israel.

Split Half/Half

Second of all, in general, the Israeli population is split half-half. Half the population may be described as right wing, meaning they are against the land for peace ideology, while the other half might be described as left wing and amenable to an exchange of land for some sort of peace treaty. This makes for close elections and hot debate, but this time around, Netanyahu scored a narrow victory.

This means that more Israelis voted for Netanyahu’s party Likud, than for any other party. So indeed, contrary to Brzezinski’s lie, PM Netanyahu does represent the majority of the Israeli public and is Israel’s democratically elected leader. More to the point, PM Netanyahu, in contrast to Hamas leaders, does not call for the murder of Arab civilians, while Hamas leaders regularly issue calls to murder Israeli Jews. PM Netanyahu, as did his predecessors from either side of the political spectrum, wants peace..

Brzezinski states that Netanyahu talks as though he wants war. This is an outrageous claim. The last thing Netanyahu wants is war. Iran is the warmonger. Iran has many times over stated its ardent wish to annihilate the Jewish State.

World Service

Netanyahu, on the other hand, wishes to stop Iran from getting the bomb. No more, no less. And this isn’t only because this would serve Israel’s needs. Preventing Iran from getting the bomb would be a service to the free world in general.

Finally, Brzezinski makes the claim that most American Jews do not want war. This may or may not be true. But in any event, American Jews support the American president, as we saw during the recent scrambling by AIPAC to lobby on behalf of an “unbelievably small” attack on Syria, as per President Obama’s apparent directive to them. If the American president were to support an attack on Iran, there is no doubt that AIPAC would be right behind him.


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