Photo of the Day: Museum Day Apartheid


Today was International Museum Day with free admission in locations around the world. Cars were parked anywhere there was a spot, legal or not, near the Israel Museum.

But also it was an official Israeli school holiday for Lag B’Omer. That meant that thousands of children home from school visited museums around Israel.

image Israel apartheid, photo Palestinian women, Palestinian oppression image

Those visiting the Bloomfield Science Museum,  one of my favorites, had so many new exhibits to experience and activities to do, the adults needed to sit down from exhaustion.

But two Muslim employee educators kept on working. Oh the abuse, having to work and wear the yellow tee-shirt of Science Museum staff. Oh wait, she has special long-sleeved shirt to wear.

In Bloomfield Science Museum, with staff and visitors, there is no apartheid and there is no sign of the apartheid lie.

Reading some of the awful untruths that are spread, I do not want to weep, I want to scream the truth.

#BDSFail on International Museum Day and every day!

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