George Galloway Pulverized On Twitter. Again

A few days ago, I penned a post to George Galloway, letting him know why people consider him to be an antisemite.

One of my reasons was his support of antisemites such as Gilad Atzmon.

Just recently, you tweeted in support of Gilad Atzmon, whose views are not merely “anti-Zionist” but blatantly antisemitic – so much so that even fellow haters of Israel have asked him to tone down the rhetoric

In fact, you have previously said you were “enthralled” by his antisemitic book The Wandering Who.

Enter English author and former UK parliamentarian Louise Mensch, who has done a sterling job highlighting Atzmon’s antisemitism borne out of his own tweets and “enthralling” book.

mensch tweets 1

How’s Twitter working out for you, George?

19 thoughts on “George Galloway Pulverized On Twitter. Again”

  1. “I despise the Jew in me, whatever is left”

    I’d like to know what he considers to be his leftover Jewiness. Because he can always look into foreskin restoration. He can also change his Israeli name to Jesus Luther Hitler if he desires.

    1. Am I the only one to notice how similar his expression of despising his inner Jew is to the notion of Jews waging war against their inner Amalek?

      1. I’ve never heard of an “inner Amalek” in Jewish thought. I’ve heard of “yetzer hara”, but that’s not quite the same.

        1. Some say it is a Chabad view where the nation of Amalek assimilated into surrounding peoples yet given their Jew-hatred never vanished from history, while leading Rabbis in medieval times did allegorize the story of Amalek from an external enemy to an internal one akin to the “yetzer hara”.

          Gilad Atzmon’s “inner Jew” is in some respects an inverted form of the above, maybe his “inner Jew” is actually his Conscience since Hitler did say it was a Jewish invention.

          1. Hmm, interesting. I recently read about the notion of an “inner erev rav” of sorts, which sounds like what you may be talking about.

            Who knows what motivates Gilad Atzmon. He reminds me of the movie, “The Believer” – about a KKK skinhead neo-Nazi who was Jewish (based on the story of Daniel Burros).

        1. Perhaps its a Chabad view though have found other streams of Judaism hold this view (being obviously reluctant to identify Amalek in this day and age), not that I agree with it.

  2. Hate to break it to you Gilad , but you were of Jewess born . That makes you a Jew . You will always be a Jew . We don’t want you anymore than you want us but make no mistake , had you been born 80 years ago those that you admire so much would not have accepted your protestations . You would have gone to the gas chambers just the same . I’m sure there were plenty like you who hated their own skin . Assimilated Jews who could nt understand why it was happening to them . So sadly for all concerned Gilad , you are still a Jew . No amount of ‘ washing and out damn spot will rid you of that . May it torment you to you take your last breath

  3. gilad told me he admired early zionism

    asked him what that meant and how could that be so as he denies the fact that the jews are a peoples

    he never answered

  4. I don’t get the social media obsession with GA, GG, even Louise Metsch. They all crave the attention, and we’re giving it to them. Had it not been for all the denunciations of antisemitism and plain racism of GA and GG, they wouldn’t be as popular as they are. you are literally helping their bottom line$$$.
    So they’ll keep at it, they’ll keep tweeting, they’ll keep saying Free “palestine”, BDS, etc… because it means more followers, more sheep to captivate, more “books” to sell, more “conferences”, more $$.
    At least GA is a slightly above average musician. the others? they’re absolute zeroes. They are nobodies. but we’re turning them into social media celebs
    Before twitter, FB, etc, anyone heard of Abunimah, Blumenthal, Silverstein, Miko Peled, etc?…these nobodies profit off the attention.
    Instead of denouncing, ridiculing, we’re helping them.
    Sure they hate the jews and Israel,but beyond that, they love $$ above all. Antisemitism pay$$$

    1. You have it upside down. They were getting attention beforehand. People like me discredit them. Why do u think Richard Silverstein, for example, is now pretty much poison to all but the ultra extreme leftists and Israel haters? Even Ha’aretz won’t dare touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  5. I see that Gilad Atzmon is saying the EXACT same things I’ve seen antisemites and Holocaust deniers say to deny that they are antisemites or Holocaust deniers.

    i.e. they claim they are not antisemitic because they are “telling the truth about Jews” and they claim they are not Holocaust deniers because they are following a “revisionist view of history”.

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