BDS Fail Of The Day: South African BDSHole Protest Flop Against Pharrell Williams

So here’s what went down: South African BDSHoles planned to protest Pharrell Williams’ Cape Town concert due to his partnership with retail group Woolworths, over its imports from Israel. With this in mind, they released videos like the following:

And they vowed it would be huge.

The planned protest by the pro-Palestine BDS movement against Grammy award-winning artist Pharrell Williams’s concert on Monday night could be the biggest action against a musician in South African history, the group said.

The local Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions(BDS) movement expects at least 40 000 people to picket outside the main entrance of Grand West Casino in Cape Town.

The internationally acclaimed producer and performer has come under fire for collaborating with local retail group Woolworths who have been the focus of local pro-Palestine activists for their trade with Israel.

The Western Cape High Court ruled in favour of BDS at the weekend, declaring that the City of Cape Town’s restriction of the upcoming protest of 150 people was unconstitutional and therefore invalid, according to the pro-Palestine group.

The organisation applied for a permit from the city to accommodate 50 000 protestors outside the concert. It said after consulting with safety and town planning experts, that it decided to compromise and settle for 40 000 protestors.

Two thing. Firstly, the court battle they won moved the limit from 150 to 16,000.

So when the group said they would settle for 40,000, weren’t they ignoring the court-imposed limit?

Be that as it may, the “biggest action against a musician in South African history” ended up involving a whopping 50,000 5,000 500 protesters. (Or perhaps 1000 at most, depending on who you believe). Which means they did not end up with that much more than the original limit of 150.

Right before the concert, the BDSHoles were still hopeful of getting more, despite the lame turnout.

It never happened.

Watch this chief BDSHole lie through her teeth about being pleased with the pathetic numbers.

Hmm, what is that feeling I am having?

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