Bon Jovi Stands By Israel And Help Us Keep The Faith

Credit: Lahav Harkov

Credit: Lahav Harkov

I was not personally at last night’s concert in Tel Aviv (I was watching a replay of my beloved West Coast Eagles getting thrashed), but some of my best friends were (including Brian of London), and by all accounts it was incredible.

But more than that: Bon Jovi stood with Israel and gave us reasons to smile. Especially last night, when we really needed it.

“We’re finally here. It took me long enough,” he said in the concert.

The frontman introduced keyboardist David Bryan – aka David Bryan Rashbaum, who’s Jewish and once told The Forward that he blows the shofar at his synagogue on Rosh Hashana – and said that 45 years after sending him to piano lessons, Rashbaum’s dad would be so proud that he was playing in Israel. Then, the band played “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

On what was a difficult night for many, attending a rock concert less than an hour after a terrorist attack, Bon Jovi dedicated two empowering songs to Israelis. First “We Don’t run,” which he said “should be the fight song for Tel Aviv” and features lyrics like “We don’t run, I’m standing my ground, We don’t run, And we don’t back down.” Then, “It’s My Life” with: “Better stand tall when they’re calling you out, Don’t bend, don’t break, baby, don’t back down.”

An unequivocal show of support for Israel. AND a huge f*** you to Roger Waters.

Mensches. Now added to my list.

Anyway, for those of you us who missed the concert, enjoy the following videos from it.

Update: Some reactions from the show.


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