Terror In Jerusalem: Two Jews Murdered, Along With The Truth

With the murder of the Henkins and the crying of their 6 orphan children still fresh in our minds, the terrorists have decided they would give us more reasons to grieve.

Two Jews are dead, and two others were wounded Saturday night after a Palestinian terrorist stabbed five Israelis in the Old City, and then shot a gun wildly into a crowd of tourists before being shot and killed by Border Police.

According to Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the attack occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m., when the unidentified suspect began stabbing the family members while they were walking past Lion’s gate, en route to the Western Wall.

After stabbing two others, Rosenfeld said the terrorist took a pistol from one of the victims and fired wildly into a crowd of tourists before being shot and killed by Border Police officer on patrol some 50 meters away.

And how did the mainstream media report it?

BBC. No words.

bbc headline

Possibly due to the backlash, they have since changed it to this:

bbc headline2

Which is a slight improvement, but the quotation marks are a nefarious addition.

Then there’s Al Jizz, true to form:al jizz headline

Meanwhile, Al Arabiya seems to be behind the news cycle. And the photo is a curious choice.

al arabiya

Update: Max Blumenthal sees the terrorist attack as an “operation” i.e. legitimate resistance and the victims as “settlers”

blumenthal tweet



David Lange

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