The Proud Tradition Of Antizionism

I know that title probably took a few people aback, but seriously after the past week or so watching the world media scramble at the bonanza of antisemitic asshattery, I don’t really know what else to say. If you didn’t believe in anti Jewish bias in the media before, watching as outlets like the BBC post “2 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem after attack,” sort of drive the message home. Obviously you find out from proper sources that 2 Palestinians started stabbing people and were killed by the police. I have to sort of assume now that these people who are trying so hard to spread hate about Jews, actually hate the Jews.

I saw a guy a while back, post on twitter, “Zionism, making antisemitism something honourable since 1947.” His name was Steven Salaita and he was trying to say he was not an antisemite, he even had “Jewish friends.” Steven, however, was fond of posting things like that. When 3 Jewish teens were kidnapped and murdered Steven said “I wish all the west bank settlers would go missing.” He wasn’t venting, he was inciting and he was doing it with malice aforethought: after all he has spread debunked and false narratives about Jews being colonists for a living. He is just one in a long line of Jew haters.

Hating Jews is sort of a proud tradition I think, just because the tradition was entirely the raison d’etre of genuinely evil people like Hitler and Stalin, and sort of a side job for other evil people like Salaita, doesn’t mean the average person shouldn’t jump on that bandwagon does it? I mean that seems legit right? Why shouldn’t we all jump on a cause that outstanding moral paragons such as Hitler and Stalin endorsed? Those guys seemed to be pretty good role models right? I mean 10 out of 10 Nazis agree, that it was the Jooos fault for everything (that’s how they say Jews btw, its not Jews, its Joooooos). I would totally want to hitch my wagon to that brilliant analysis, it’s so well thought out.

Anyway, on the internet we have Godwin’s law, which basically says that any argument that goes on long enough will have someone reference Hitler or the Nazis. I always suggest that anyone who references the Nazis loses the argument because frankly Nazi comparisons are almost always incorrect. After all how legit can comparisons to one of the most evil regimes in history be? Actual genocide, systemic racism? eugenics? who even does that? I’ll give you a hint it rhymes with Canada, but I never hear people demonising Canada, I mean white Canadians say some words funny like “doot” and “aboot”, and some of them say “eh”  a lot, but really they are such apologetic and polite people so it’s hard to really get a hate on for them, not like those unapologetic Jews running around their ancestral lands and trying to Jew up the place. I mean seriously you would think the place was named Judeah or something.

It’s an important thing to ask though, what do you do when you are arguing with people who are constantly demonising and attacking Jews but more importantly inciting violence and hatred towards them? I think you call a spade a spade and you tell them “oh hi there, Nazi, I didn’t realise some of you made it to 2015. Are we going to have to kick your asses again?” Most of them are sort of cowardly anyway, they will usually reply, “But I don’t hate Jews, I just hate the world’s only Jewish state and I don’t believe that Jews are worthy of human rights like everyone else.” Which makes so much more sense really.

They don’t actually hate Jews, they just hate everything about you, they hate that you refused to assimilate, they hate that you regained your ancestral lands from an occupier, and that instead of killing all of the arabs, you let the majority stay. (That’s not something any europeans would have done.) They hate that you remain inherently decent despite abject hatred (because they know they couldn’t). They hate that you allow the other side access to a sacred site that isn’t really even theirs. They hate that you place education so highly, they hate that you work to make your surroundings better. They really hate that you are succeeding in making the land of Israel thrive again and that you didn’t have to beg them for help to do it. They don’t hate Jews, they just hate everything that makes Jews, Jews. So that should make you feel better right?

Back in the day they used the standard lines of Jews “eating gentile children,” draining their blood and making matzoh with it to excuse that hate. Heck, most gentiles don’t even know what matzoh is but it sounds scary and foreign so it worked. But, word of advice, I have eaten matzoh so they better not let the other guys find out that matzoh is just a very bland cracker with almost no flavour because then it’s way less scary. In fact they will probably feel sorry for you having to eat it so much. The other old canard they used to use was the the horn thing but the problem was that when you knocked those “funny little hats” off a Jew’s head, you actually couldn’t find the horns! WTH man whatta ya mean no horns?! It’s actually tough to keep a mob going when they see some guy’s Jew fro with no horns, so annoying, stubborn Jews.

Now its way easier for the “antizionists”: you just take any instance of a Jew defending himself and you instantly tell everyone that he was oppressing the poor pitiful arabs. So instead of the headline “Palestinian attacks jews at bus stop, stabbing 2” you say “Palestinian killed by Israelis.” Technically it’s true, you just leave out the part where he was trying to kill some Jews first. After all, those Jews were being Jews! How dare they walk around on their own ancestral lands, don’t they even realise how offensive that is? That video of the guy driving a car into some people standing at a bus stop? That was a “Palestinian who just couldn’t take it anymore.” Take what, you ask? Well those were Jews. “Jews doing what?” Well being Jews in Israel, which is clearly verboten. (I used the german word in a not so subtle way to remind you that the other people who hated Jews walking around being Jews were actually Nazis.) They use twitter to send 140 characters of hate, think of them as soundbites of asshattery, with no accountability. Anyone can tweet anything after all.

I have to believe that there are people who see this too, who understand that what’s going on is not new, that this tradition of Jew hatred is neither proud nor worthy of decent human beings.

I could probably go on for pages about this, recent events are pretty much making me look like a genius for saying that we are pretty much back in 1939 watching the world hating on Jews while the Nazis were inciting hatred against them and watching as they started the road to genocide. I am not ok with genocide, I will not be quiet.

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  1. What utter nonsense. Matzoh is most definitely not “just a very bland cracker”. Although I do agree shmurah matzoh can taste somewhat like cardboard if you don’t warm it up a bit first.

  2. Arguing the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism is moot because they’re both bigotry and both aimed squarely at Joooos (or anyone friendly to Jooos). Or to put it another way, if someone is kicking your head in, it doesn’t really matter if the attacker is shouting “Down with Jews!” or “Down with Zionazis!”.

    So the next time you encounter someone playing the “I’m not an anti-Semite just anti-Zionist” game, just shrug, tell them they’re a bigot either way, and then tell them to go fuck themselves.

  3. Great article I saw someone post in the previously paper known as The Jewish forward now know as the forward post a similar statement that Zionism caused antisemitism ,i took him apart

  4. An absolutely great post as always.

    I’d take one thing a bit further. If there is a crime, lets say a bank robbery, the headline always reads something like Two Bank Robbers Shot by Police…..

    The headline shouldn’t even say “Palestinian”, it should say Terrorists. It should say Two Terrorists Shot by Police. Or Police foil Terror attack. The fact that they’re “Palestinian” makes no difference whatsoever unless you’re trolling for clicks. Which is why the media says “Palestinian”. The “Anti-Zionism” is good for business. It’s blood money.

    1. Jacob_Denver_USA

      No, it does make a difference, because it is the PALESTINIAN Authority media controlled by the PALESTINIAN “Liberation Organization” and the PALESTINIAN terrorist organization Hamas and the PALESTINIAN Imams in who are whipping the PALESTINIANS into a killing frenzy with the lie that Jews are trying to destroy the mosque on Temple Mount.

  5. I challenge anyone to say who writes a more intellectually honest, clean, unapologetic set of arguments in support of Israel and the Jewish people. Jewish or not. Anyone that is alive that is. Not since the writings of Jabotinsky, Stern, Herzl have I ever seen such a steadfast argument for the people of Israel.
    Ryan, I hope one day you are recognised by my people for the incredible support you honour us with, day in and day out. I for one, hold you in the highest of esteems and I think you are a treasure to the Jewish people. I know you don’t like to be framed in any way but I will say this: you are the equivalent of our ancient prophets, a modern day Maccabbee. If there is a god,I would ask that he/she grants you and your loved ones with a long and fruitful life, and I would passionately thank him/her for the incredible gift bestowed on us by having you in our lives.
    Thank you, Sir.

    1. I am recognised by jewish people, the people at Israellycool, edit and post my blogs, jewish friends of mine send me articles and even books to read and have supported rallies and events that I have held. I appreciate your kind words, sometimes its tough but I know im on the right path because the people who walk it with me are decent people

      1. Have you ever tried Matza brei? You break a Matza into small pieces soak in whipped egg and fry it. It is really good!

  6. Ryan, you are a good egg. If you are still in Calgary, I’m inviting you to my house for fried matzo brei. That stuff fixes everything wrong with matzo.

  7. That guy who rammed into a bus stop? He was a Bezeq employee. Israel’s largest Telcom company. The car he used was a company car.

    So what was it that he could not take?

    By the way he is a close relative of the Har Nof Massacre terrorists. He openly endorsed terrorism after that happened.

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