Are We Living On The Same Planet Lyse?

Yesterday Prime Minister Netanyahu brought along a team for a Press Conference to clearly show up Abbas’s latest lies about the execution and miraculous recovery of the young terrorist, Ahmed Manasrah. The whole thing is worth watching from the start, but I’ve cued it up to the bit where the BBC’s Lyse Doucet asks this gem of a question. And then Bibi does what Bibi does best.

“Are we living in the same planet Lyse?”

“Come on get with the program!”

This is a great short  version to share:

Meanwhile, in other Lethal Journalism news this just happened:

Yes, that’s right, the dead guy with “PRESS” written on his shirt got up close to an IDF soldier and stabbed him. The soldier is moderately wounded.

I wonder what would happen if the IDF insisted all photographers and press remain at least 50m away?


Brian of London

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