8 Reasons Why Israel Apartheid Week Is Ridiculous

The international Israeli Apartheid Week hate-fests are really hard to comprehend if you have the smallest iota of knowledge, the tiniest bit of a brain with which to think. These ignorant individuals certainly do not read Israellycool often enough.

My list of real photos and posts would fill a book, but my top 8 no-brainers to refute the claims are:

  1. An Arab Supreme Court Judge oversaw the last Israeli election.
  2. Deputy Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara is on his way to Geneva to represent Israel in talks and Regional Cooperation Ministry Director General Hashem Hussein will accompany him.
  3. The Knesset has over 10% Arab members and a Muslim prayer room.

picture Muslim prayer room, photo prayer room in Knesset, image Israeli apartheid

4. President Rivlin, with the Israeli Minister of Finance and Minister of Social Equality, holds joint meetings with the Arab Regional and Local Authority Heads at Beit Hanassi.

5. Islamic Judges, Qadis, administer Sharia law in official Israeli courts under the Israeli court system. New judges were recently sworn in at Beit Hanassi.

ceremony to swear in new shariah judges

6. Arab women and girls have more freedom in Israel than anywhere else in Middle East. Where else would a girl wearing hijab sit in a park gazebo giggling, alone with a guy having a picnic lunch? Sorry no photo from today though it was such a cute scene.

7. President Rivlin hosted an Iftar meal to break the fast during Ramadan.

8. Various religious leaders lined up along a red carpet up to great the President of Kenya on his official state visit to Jerusalem, Israel.

Beit Hanasi with Israeli religious leaders including Muslim

The apartheid lie is simply ridiculous.


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