Illegal Building Reuters Won’t Report

I have been wanting to write about building, illegal building for weeks. Thank you, Reuters, for giving me what I was waiting for.

The Israeli army says it is simply carrying out court rulings against unauthorised building by Palestinians in Area C. Foreign diplomats and rights groups see it as part of a broader move to seize land for potential Jewish settlement expansion.

The piece goes on with an emotional, tear-jerker quote:

“The Israelis are quicker at destroying than the Europeans are at building,” said 61-year-old Wassif Hanani, a father of four who has lived in Khirbet Tana all his life, his wind-beaten face cracking at the eyes as he laughed dryly.

To go with this piece of propaganda put out as news, is one sad photo of a demolished shack.

Instead of a 6,000 word essay on how grossly one-sided, fall-off-the balance-beam, unfair and biased this building article is, I respond with six photos Reuters does not share.

  1. Building, new housing units in the rising outskirts of Jerusalem

new building in Arab villageThese are Arab houses.

2. Hundreds of beautiful apartments

Arab village constructed next to separation fence

Yes, lots and lots of high rise, modern beautiful Arab apartments.

3. All along the top of the hill, multi-story buildings

Arab village growingIn more than one location, north of Jerusalem this is one part of the skyline.

4. Right up next to the security fence

Arab buildings

Coincidence that neighborhoods are being put as close to fence as possible? Who, dear Reuters, is trying to grab land as much land as possible?

5. Apartheid neighborhoods

Arab village off limits to Israelis

Sorry. Israelis cannot buy here, or even enter, according to the big red sign. Does this discrimination bother the UNHRC one iota? Is the UN alarmed about this apartheid?

6. “It starts to look irreversible,” said the official.

Arab neighborhood with new construction On the right side of the “separation wall” are massive building sites with Arab only properties. On the left, all those small, low black and white things popping up daily on open land are Bedouin encampments.

You ask why now?

Illegal outposts are springing up daily and this Arab expansion is being sanctioned by the EU and UN. After years in court, some of the illegal Arab construction is being taken down. To add insult to injury, Reuters’ offensive building piece adds, “Israeli army says.”

Arabs are grabbing land on both sides of the fence. Reuters can plainly see it from the main road. Reuters, EU and UN are aiding in this discrimination and land theft.


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