You Won’t Believe What Roger Waters Says Next!

Great shmuck! Part 3 of the Roger Waters-Demented Doc Brown interview has been released. And like parts 1 and 2, Roger and Doc are at their lying best.

For instance, Waters from 3:47:

Well, yeah. It’s a thing, as well, about the mainstream media, is that if you don’t tow the party line, if you don’t follow the line, and very particularly on Israel, you will be fired. You will lose your job. So, it’s no huge surprise that everybody takes the same line, and says the same thing. Because, people care about their salary at the end of the day. And people can be bought, and people can be sold. That is the nature of life in this country. And it’s really sad.

I am sure this is news to Luke Baker and – well almost everyone in the mainstream media!

Followed by this exchange..

WATERS: You know, if you ask, even if you are in the press corps at the white house, if you ask difficult questions you don’t get asked to ask a question again. Or, you will not be invited, or you will not be on Air Force One, flying off somewhere to cover a trip.

JAY: Yeah, we saw what happened to Helen Thomas…

WATERS: You have to say the right things, or you won’t be invited.

If you recall, Helen Thomas was fired for saying Israeli Jews should “go home” to Poland or Germany. Waters is implying it was because she was not towing the line. That’s a hell of an (antisemitic) line to tow.

Waters also reveals what excites him (from 12:20) – not being called antisemitic!

Alright, this is a small thing, but I was at a movie premiere a couple of weeks ago. It was miles ahead…I like the movie. It’s about Miles Davis, but anyway, when they finish talking to Don Cheadle and…who else was in it. I can’t remember now. But, a couple of reporters came over to me. One was from People magazine, and one was from New York Daily News. Neither of which publications I expect much sympathy from…really interesting. A couple of years ago, or three, or whatever, they might have asked me this question, “Why are you an anti-Semite?” That’s what they would have said to me then. “Why are you so anti-Semitic?” Now, they say to me, and they both asked me the same question, they said, “How do you feel, when people accuse you of being an anti-Semite?” Now, that is a huge shift. It may sound subtle, but it’s not. It opens up the question of whether I am anti-Semitic, or not. Which is a question that you couldn’t even approach two or three years ago. It was just assumed that I was, because, you know, the [inaud.], you know, organization in Los Angeles had said I was. So, therefore I must be.I think it’s really interesting the way, even in People magazine and the Daily News, the attitude is just changing a little bit. I’m so excited by it. It’s so exciting to be here now, and watch this thing turning around. Because the momentum is changing. The students and the churches and the people in Baltimore and Black Lives Matter, joining together with their brothers and sisters in Palestine. And so, it’s becoming…the movement is spreading. We care about Black Lives Matter movement as much as we care about BDS. It’s all fundamentally important, because it’s all about the fact that all human beings…and there is no us and them, we are only us. And all of our lives matter. And once we can din that to people’s hearts, we will be unstoppable as a movement. And I look forward to that time. And it’s coming soon. I believe that. Sorry. I digress.

Meanwhile, after bashing Israel, Waters finds the time to praise that paragon of human rights Tunisia (not in the video but in the transcript – perhaps even they realized it sounded too ridiculous?).

You know, I made a speech…they showed my movie in Tunisia, in Carthage, a few months ago, “The Wall” movie. And Tunisia is a very very important country to us now, because out of the Arab Spring where there was popular uprising by people all over that part of the Arab World, the Tunisians were then faced with whether to fall back into either a tyrannical rule by the army, or some other tyrant, having gotten rid of the Ben Ali family. They, as a collective, decided that they would not descend into civil war and conflict, and then another autocratic thing…that they would talk to one another. So, the national court in Tunisia, that was made up of the labor unions, a board of industry, human rights groups, and the law community, a community of lawyers. They formed a quartet, and they got together and they thrashed out a constitution, and they stuck to it. So, we’re now three years later, and they have a constitutional democracy, where they talk to one another. You know, it’s a secular government, with an Islamist opposition, and they don’t just talk at one another. They talk to one another, and they listen to one another. And they figure out and they hammer out policy. And obviously, there are still problemsin Tunisia, but what a shining beacon of light that is. Not just for the rest of the region of North Africa and the Middle East, but for the whole world. That this small country, eleven million souls, all together, is providing an example that we would all do well to follow. Where speech is free, and where everything isn’t just bought and sold. So, it’s a great example.

Yes, just a few problems. Like forced anal exams, prosecution for homosexuality, prison for smoking a joint and torture just to name a few. But Waters sees them as a beacon of light because they are not Israel.

It is that kind of hypocrisy, along with the lies and terror support, that makes people believe you are antisemitic, Roger.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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