New Blackfield Album Partially Made In Israel – With Alan Parsons

Steven Wilson, guitarist and founder of Porcupine Tree and four-time Grammy nominee, who recently ripped BDS and Roger Waters, has posted the following on Facebook: announcement of a new Blackfield collaboration with Aviv Geffen, recorded in both Israel and England, which includes three Alan Parsons-produced tracks (hat tip: Jono “Louis CK” Rose).

Blackfield V will be released on 18th November by Kscope, and sees a return to the full partnership that made the first two albums such firm favourites with fans. Written and recorded over a period of 18 months in both Israel and England, Blackfield V contains 13 linked songs that form a flowing 45 minute ocean themed song cycle. With Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen expertly handling vocals, guitars, and keyboards, Tomer Z from the Blackfield band on drums, and string arrangements performed by the London Session Orchestra, the album is a powerful journey through catchy melodies, lush arrangements, and stunning production. Legendary producer / engineer Alan Parsons produced three of the album’s key tracks.

Both musicians consider Blackfield V to be their best collaboration to date. The album will be released by Kscope as a Digipack CD with a 16 page booklet, CD/Blu Ray with high resolution audio, and double vinyl.

And it looks like the Alan Parsons-produced tracks were recorded in Israel. This is what he said in an interview when he was here last year.

AP: We’ve actually been to Jerusalem twice now. We’re going to Nazareth tomorrow… I’m staying on to record with Aviv. I’m hoping to get the job with doing his next album, but we’re going to start with a couple tracks together… And Guy’s going to hang around and maybe play a bit. Steven Wilson’s coming to work with us. I just asked Aviv if he’d like to get involved and he jumped at the chance. So, it’s going to be fun.

And there’s this tweet from Aviv Geffen from February last year.

Of course, Alan Parsons also ripped Roger Waters and BDS, even linking to one of my posts to make his point. So it is not hard to understand why he’d be behind this exciting collaboration.


David Lange

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