Citi Should Follow The Lead Of American Express

As Dave previously posted, Roger Waters’ upcoming “Us And Them” tour was being sponsored by Citi and American Express.

I don’t know if it was that post, or my comment on his Facebook page suggesting if he wants to boycott Israel, at least do it right, but since we ran this article, Roger has removed the reference to his sponsors from his Facebook post.


And then, American Express got wind of this and basically told Roger that they’re not having any of his hateful shenanigans and pulled out their $4 million sponsorship.

It is wonderful news. Without using any of the tactics employed by BDS including, bullying, threatening, coercion, harassment, intimidation or straight-up violence, American Express upped and said that sponsoring this spiteful antisemite is not in line with their corporate direction and got out of there.

I am completely against any kind of boycott of anybody solely based on their national or ethnic origin. This is called discrimination in its purest form. But Roger Waters has absolutely zero qualms about not only bullying world artists that perform in Israel but also Israeli artists who perform abroad, regardless of their political opinions. It is enough that the artist is Israeli and Jewish.

Because of this fact, I am completely OK with joining a campaign to get Citi to follow the lead of American Express and drop their sponsorship of Roger Waters’ Us And Them Tour.

This should not be considered “giving him a taste of his own medicine”. Because his medicine is hate. We don’t hate. This is a measured response to what he has been campaigning for ever since he hopped on the Israel-hate bandwagon a few years ago.

This should not be done using any of the ridiculous tactics of BDS and their supporters. We are not going to go bullying Citibank employees and vandalizing Citibank property. Which in BDS’s books is a completely legitimate thing to do.

It is simple. If Citi still has respect for the country it has already invested so much in, they should know that their sponsorship of this man is completely unacceptable.


Anyone see anything wrong with putting a Jewish Star of David on the corner-stone of all un-kosher delicacies? Nope looks good to me…

Citibank is the largest foreign bank in Israel. It placed its Citibank Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv. It invests so much in Israeli innovation because to quote a Citibank representative himself it was a “no brainer” to use Israeli talents for this purpose.

Roger Waters has campaigned to prevent every single act from appearing in Israel and sometimes succeeds in doing so using classic antisemitic tropes and lies. He considers Hamas a “peaceful” organisation and actively promotes violence against Israelis calling it “legitimate resistance”.

Considering how much Citibank invests in Israel, and considering the hate and violence Waters represents we ask that Citibank follow the lead of American Express and drop their sponsorship of Roger Waters.

I have complete respect for Citi in Israel. They utilize our innovative workforce, I’ve banked with them. Maybe it’s someone in their corporate office who is simply unaware of who Roger Waters is and represents. But we need to get the message out.

I don’t know who put up this petition, but I signed it and so should you.

Click here to sign and spread the word.

Oh and whoever started the petition, great job, credit to Israellycool for the artwork!



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