BDS-Holes Use Violence And Initimidation To Try Silence Israel Advocate Hen Mazzig

Pro Israel advocate Hen Mazzig knows about intimidation and being silenced. He has written in the past about the anti-Israel bigotry and hostility he encountered when speaking on college campuses, high schools, and churches in the US. Richard Silverstein also tried to intimidate him (but let’s face it – Dickie’s as intimidating as a Teletubby).

Yesterday, Hen was scheduled to speak at University College London. And even before he set foot on campus, the BDS-hole bullies tried to silence him – because apparently freedom of speech should apply to everyone but Jews and those who love the Jewish state.

Then this happened.

Police were called to a London university last night after Jewish students were “trapped” in a room by pro-Palestine supporters who descended on the building.

A woman claimed she was assaulted during the chaotic scenes at University College London (UCL), which came ahead of a speech by Israeli writer Hen Mazzig.

Mr Hazzig’s appearance, which was given the go-ahead at the last minute, stirred up controversy due to his time with the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

And, footage from the university last night showed crowds of pro-Palestine protesters at the university building, with those who turned up for the talk claiming to be trapped in a room.

Devora Khafi, a campus director for pro-Israel group StandWithUs UK, described the melee as “a whirlwind of hate”.

She wrote on Twitter: “I was assaulted. We were attacked. But freedom will prevail.”

Mr Hazzig uploaded a video to Facebook protesters where could be heard hammering on the doors and windows, yelling “free, free Palestine.”

At one point the video showed several men clambering through the windows and lying on the floor while being branded “cowards” and “morons” by the people inside.

A rattled Mr Hazzig said in the video: “So the situation is really out of control we’re hiding in a room and there’s protesters outside.”

He went on: “I don’t think that even in my days in the IDF it was bad as it is right now.

“It’s really scary. I hear that they’ve been attacking some girls, Jewish girls that came to support my talk. It’s crazy, it’s really crazy.”

During the footage, one woman can be held yelling the word “murderers” through the glass.

When the attendees were finally allowed out of the building, with help from security and police, an angry crowd can be heard yelling “shame” at them.

Student Rights national organiser, Elliot Miller, told the Standard: “It was a very intimidating atmosphere

“UCL staff were overrun and before police came there were clashes.

“Pro-Palestine activists banged on the doors of the room where the event was taking place and tried to jump through the windows

“We were all escorted out by police and I felt very intimidated and upset. Students were crying and a few had panic attacks.”

A spokeswoman for UCL Friends of Israel, which organised the event, said it had been “seriously compromised” and students had been intimidated and left shaken by the events.

She said: “Police were forced to escort attendees out of the building for their safety, amongst other ongoing proactive security measures.

“It goes without saying that moving forward a concerted effort is required to safeguard students’ freedom of self-expression and freedom of speech in an environment where debate and dialogue should ensue without threat or fear.”

Here’s more disturbing video from UCL.

Note the chants of “From River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” I have pointed this out time and again – it means no Israel and is essentially a call of genocide.

Here you can see some of the violence contrasted with the peaceful singing of Hen and the pro-Israel crowd.

More of the intimidation and violent shenanigans here.

More from Hen here:

I reached out to Hen and this is what he told me:

“I’ve never faced such hatred in my life. These people were obsessed with hate, fanatic. They wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t calm down, they had one goal: to intimidate and attack the Jews in the room. I never felt like I did in this room, it was beyond stressful, I was afraid for the Jewish students well being. This should never happen again and the University, the authorities, must take actions against these mob members. Seemed like Europe is going back in time.”


By the way, Hen’s military service was as an officer in an IDF COGAT unit – meaning he attended to the needs of palestinian civilians not involved in the conflict. But the BDS-holes don’t care – because they are motivated by hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, not love for those identifying as palestinian Arabs.

But bad news for them – not only will we not be silenced, but we will spread the word far and wide about their evil tactics of violence and intimidation.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media