Liberal Democrat Candidate Ashuk Ahmed Reveals Himself To Be Vile Antisemite


Another British politician has been exposed as a rabid antisemite.

Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party has suspended one of its candidates in the forthcoming June 8 General Election over a series of virulently antisemitic posts on social media.

Ashuk Ahmed had been due to challenge the incumbent Labour Member of Parliament, Gavin Shuker, in the Luton South constituency near London when his posts were exposed by the UK Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA). After party officials were confronted with the evidence by the Mail Online website, a spokesman confirmed: “You sent us the email with the screenshots at 11:55 and we suspended Mr. Ahmed at 11:56. Mr Ahmed’s utterances have no place in the party. We believe in a politics that is open, tolerant and united.”

The CAA’s sift through Ahmed’s social media outbursts revealed a penchant for conspiracy theories and traditionally antisemitic stereotypes. Included, the CAA report said, was “the conspiratorial charge that ISIS is a Jewish invention whose horrors are propagated by the ‘Jewish media and their gentile pawns’ in order to ‘justify more slaughter. He described these conspiracy theories as the ‘truth about ISIS.’ One of the conspiracy theory videos shared by Ahmed was by ‘Humanity United against AshkeNAZI,’ an extreme antisemitic group which claims to ‘expose…the current take over of the united states by the jewish ashkenazi tribe.’”

According to the CAA, Ahmed further claimed that “Zionists control half the world,” told racist jokes in which Jews spitefully spit on Arabs’ clothes and urinate in their drinks, claimed “Jewish democracy” means bloodlust, wrote that the Labour and Conservative Parties are in the grip of their “Zionist paymasters” and painted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with blood dripping from his mouth while feasting on a Palestinian child. This last image evokes the medieval “blood libel” which falsely accused Jews of using the blood of non-Jewish children in their religious rites.

The Liberal Democrats sure know how to pick ’em.

Meanwhile, I am beginning to see that antisemites have started to look alike.

Important Update: Wait, my bad. Linda tells me Ashuk Ahmed cannot be considered antisemitic because he is Muslim.

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