Another BDS Group Gets Sloppy With the Jew Hatred


Once upon a time there was a group called BDS Amsterdam, who used the image of Anne Frank as their Twitter profile image.

The group still seems to be around, but there is now also a group from the same area called BDS Nederland, who seem to want to outdo their predecessors when it comes to antisemitism and offensiveness.

I mean, sure, they can minimize the Holocaust with the best of them

and make Holocaust comparisons

but they’ll see BDS Amsterdam and raise them an antisemitic blood libel

But that’s not all. Like other antisemites before them, they like to cast aspersions on our geneology

Support terrorism

And use images of religious Jews where possible

Heck, I don’t even understand this one, but Mr Jacobs = swindler looks pretty antisemitic to me

So once again, we have a BDS organization that just can’t seem to keep their Jew hatred in check.

Update: The person behind this account is DOING IT ALL WRONG!

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