The Daily Mail Plays Dirty

A few days ago, I discovered how Britain’s Daily Mail had passed off an old video as one purportedly showing the death of 15-year-old palestinian Azzam Aweida.

I complained to them, as did many of you, prompting the Daily Mail to amend their story.

But instead of doing the right and honest thing – which would have been to 1) apologize and state the story had been corrected 2) remove the video entirely because

  • it had nothing to do with the incident they were reporting; and
  • there are question marks surrounding what it purports to show (Israel shooting a 19-year-old palestinian),

the Daily Mail kept the video, and simply changed its title from

Dramatic footage shows moment 15-year-old is shot in Gaza


Dramatic footage shows moment 19-year-old is shot in Gaza

Most readers won’t even notice the subtle difference, and even if they do, the report still gives the impression that Israel deliberately shot the 15-year-old, as they supposedly did to the 19-year-old shown in the footage.

Shame on the Daily Mail for this shameless dishonesty and lack of any journalistic ethics.

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