Code Pinker Ariel Gold Booted out of Israel


Insufferable BDS-hole Ariel Gold has been deported from Israel – on the basis of her being an insufferable BDS-hole. And by that, I mean someone actively supporting terrorism against Israelis.

Naturally, she lied about why she had come to Israel, straight from the BDS playbook:

Gold arrived in Israel as a tourist a few months ago, and during her stay it became clear that she was a known BDS activist. A statement issued by the Interior Ministry said that upon her departure from Israel, she received a letter informing her that her next visit to Israel would have to be made in advance. Gold recently contacted the authorities and claimed that she wanted to come to Israel for Jewish studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

After she landed at Ben-Gurion Airport at night, she was questioned, and after her situation was clarified, Minister of Strategic Affairs and Information Gilad Erdan recommended preventing her entry into Israel. Following the recommendation, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri decided to cancel her studies visa and prevent her from entering Israel.

Unless she wants to claim she was telling the truth – which makes her a huge hypocrite for not boycotting Israel!

Gold is clearly not pleased

nor are her fellow BDS-holes

Code Pink, the organization for which Gold is an “activist”, has put out this statement in response. Naturally, they use a photo of her designed to show what a “good Jew” she is

because we all know how she hates being told she’s not a good Jew at all.

Yet in trying to show her Jewish credentials, Code Pink screw up in a big way – they admit that Jews were in the Holy Land well before 1948!

Gold’s family history in Israel/Palestine dates back centuries. She is a direct descendant of 15th-century sage Rabbi Joseph Caro. Caro left Spain during the Inquisition and settled in the northern town of Safed. His grave, and the synagogue he founded, receives visitors from throughout the world. 

Now that’s gold!

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