Roger Waters Seems Drunk in Latest ‘Boycott Eurovision’ Video

Brain-fried BDS-hole Roger Waters has turned his attention towards Kate Miller-Heidke, Australia’s entrant for Eurovision, to be held in Tel Aviv in a few months.

His fellow haters at BDS Australia have uploaded this video of Waters trying to guilt Kate into boycotting the event. Because, Jews Israel.

Waters seems to be having a hard time getting the words out, at one point even mispronouncing the word “shining” as “shinding.” And there were probably even worse examples that did not make the final cut of this clearly heavily edited video.

I am willing to bet Waters was on the turps again.

“I know I am rambling now!” No, Roger, you have been rambling for a long time.

Meanwhile, Kate has been in Israel


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Landed in Tel Aviv, paid respects to my idol. #netta #eurovision #eurovision2019

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Bye Tel Aviv. אראה אותך שוב בקרוב ✈️Amsterdam next! #eurovision #eurovision2019

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So I am sure she has been able to see for herself just what a lying dirtbag Waters truly is.

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