Once Upon a Time the Jew Haters Were Gassing Us. Now They Are Gaslighting Us





gaslighted; gaslighting

Definition of gaslight

transitive verb

: to attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane (as by subjecting that person to a series of experiences that have no rational explanation)

I have included the Merriam-Webster definition of Gaslighting in case I lost you at the title. In short, it is when someone spouts lies in order to make you feel like the crazy asshole. And we are currently being subjected to the biggest epidemic of gaslighting in history – at the hands of antisemites.

Here’s the latest example of this phenomenon by Expert Gaslighter Linda Sarsour:

While she is responding to the brouhaha caused by congresswoman Rashid Tlaib’s latest offensive interview, she is no doubt also referring to the backlash in response to congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s multiple comments.

Let me be very clear about this: both Tlaib and Omar (and Sarsour and others for that matter) have been called antisemitic on the basis of their words and actions. Nothing more. Sure, they all happen to be Muslim women, but that is absolutely not the reason they have been called out for their Jew hatred.

If I am to be honest I can imagine their Islamic background contributing to their antisemitism. Sure, there is not an insignificant amount of Muslims in the world today who would love the Jews’ heads on a stick. But there are plenty who don’t, and even oppose such Jew hatred, so I certainly wouldn’t assume all Muslims are antisemitic until proven otherwise. And neither do most others who find offensive this triumvirate of gaslighting Jew haters.

So Sarsour et al. need to stop the gaslighting. While I am sure they are emboldened by those shmekky Jews who crave general acceptance to the point they try to sell out their fellow Jews, there are also plenty of us proud Jews and non-Jews alike who won’t stop standing up for the truth and what is right.

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