Things Getting Even Messi-er For the Haters

Wow, today just continues to be a really bad day for the BDS-holes.

One I bet they wish they could boycott.

Leo Messi will be playing in Israel soon. Barcelona is in negotiations…and is expected to play on December 17 at the refurbished Bloomfield Stadium which will open in Jaffa this month.

At the Israel Sports and Business Conference held on Thursday, Cometec CEO Danny Benaim confirmed the details, saying: “The Argentina team wants to come to Israel to play here with Leo Messi. At the same time, we are in very advanced talks with Barcelona and I hope to see Messi here soon.

Remember, last summer the Argentina national team was scheduled to play a friendly match against the Israeli national team before the last World Cup, but the meeting was canceled at the last minute. Last May, Atletico Madrid came to Israel for a friendly match against Betar Jerusalem at Teddy Stadium.

“Many athletes who have stayed here have enjoyed their time in the country. They fall in love with the country and I can tell them that they invite us to meetings and lower prices to come here. We are becoming an important international player and this way the sports culture in Israel can be changed,” added Benaim.

It’s enough to have terrorist-loving palestinian football head Jibril Rajoub seeing red.

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