Jewish Father: ‘P is for Palestine’ Author Golberg Bashi Told Dangerous Lie to Our Children

A few days ago, I posted ‘P is for Palestine’ author Golbarg Bashi’s Facebook antisemitic rant, in the wake of her failure of a book reading in Highland Park. While the majority of my post was dedicated towards pointing out her antisemitism, I also noted one part about her apparent lack of a response to a question regarding the ability of Jews to live in Bethlehem:

Upon reading the page for B is for Bethlehem, the 5th grader’s father sternly instructed him to ask if Jews can also live in Bethlehem…

She does not record her answer, but we know the correct answer would be “no.”

It turns out there was a recent Highland Park council meeting during which a resolution on antisemitism was hotly debated (more specifically, whether BDS should be recognized as being antisemitic). The 5th grader’s father was one of those who got up to speak in favor of the resolution, and he revealed that Bashi did, in fact, answer his question about Jews in Bethlehem – with an outright lie.

Remember, this was a reading of a children’s book to children. The father is absolutely right – this was a dangerous, pernicious lie.

Then again, so is pretty much everything to do with the so-called ‘palestinian cause.’

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