Video of Linda Sarsour Making Antisemitic Remarks Removed


Yesterday, I posted video of Linda Sarsour making undeniably antisemitic remarks behind the closed doors of the annual American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) hate conference. The post went somewhat viral and others also covered the story.

Now I see the video has been removed by Salah Sarsour.

Not to worry. Others downloaded the video and re-uploaded it elsewhere, for posterity. Here is what you missed if you did not see my post.

Clearly, Salah Sarsour removed the video because it is not a good look for Linda. A look at his Facebook wall shows he has left up another video, so it is not a blanket removal of all conference videos.

The question is did he remove it on his own volition? Or was he asked to by Linda or perhaps even Uncle Bernie?

Either way, I am glad to be a thorn in her side.

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