BDS Fail: Israeli-Founded Burger Chain Burgerim Expanding in the US

Back in July, I posted how some BDS-holes had kept a Lebanese-American man from opening a burger joint in Dearborn, Michigan – because it was a franchise of an Israeli-created company.

But in a new blow to the BDS-holes, one has now been opened elsewhere in Michigan instead.

Bonus: they will be offering falafel patties, in a move set to further inflame the haters.

Gourmet burger chain BurgerIM is now open in Oak Park where their motto is “burgers for everyone.” They want to offer this all-American staple for all diets with 10 different patties including salmon, Impossible burger, falafel and more, plus keto and gluten-free bun options.

BurgerIM, which is best known for its tiny 3-ounce standard burger, caused controversy earlier this year when a Dearborn location was cancelled over the company’s roots in Israel, where it was founded in 2011. There was backlash, but a rep for the company told The News in September that BurgerIM as a company has no relationship with Israel.

Good news, although it is disappointing the company is claiming there is no relationship with Israel, even to the point of having different branding for the Israeli and US sites. It clearly did start off in Israel.

Also worth noting: there are a bunch of Halal Burgerim in the US (and no kosher ones as far as I can see). So many of the BDS-holes working against them are actually hurting themselves.

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