Al Jazeera Disseminates The Very Flood Libel It Had Already Admitted Was Nonsense


A few weeks ago, I posted about the return of the palestinian flood libel, which makes an appearance every few years when there is heavy rainfall here. As I pointed out in the post, even Al Jizz had retracted it in the past.

I write all of this as a prelude to this few-days-old tweet from Al Jazeera Balkans (hat tip: Maks)

which links to this article

Screenshot of auto-translated version

In other words, they are propagating the very same flood libel they had already retracted and showed to be nonsense.

So either they forgot they had done so, or figured their retraction was in English only, so why not disseminate the same libel, just in a different language.

Either they are utterly stupid or think we all are.

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