What Made Actor John Cusack Declare “Bernie is the Best”


Is it Bernie’s vision of Democratic socialism supposedly centering around checking the power of millionaire and billionaire corporate executives?

Is it his push for universal healthcare?

Is it his plan to combat climate change?

Is it his proposal for massive government investments in public education in K-12 education? His proposals for guaranteeing universal childcare and universal pre-kindergarten, expanding access to tuition-free public college and vocational education, and canceling $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt?

Or perhaps it is his intent to invest $2.5 trillion into creating 10 million new “permanently affordable” units in the United States?

Naaa, this is what makes John Cusack feel the Bern in his pants:

Attacking the democratically-elected leader of the only democracy in the Middle East. Because it happens to be a Jewish state. That’s how Cusack rolls.

By the way, regarding the above antisemitic meme he retweeted last year, he had initially tweeted this excuse following the backlash

I just noticed he has since deleted it.

Perhaps he has finally embraced his Jew hatred.

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