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Some of the Best Bernie Sanders Memes

One of biggest talking points of Joe Biden's inauguration was Bernie Sanders, who spawned thousands of memes

Bernie Does Not Reach The Promised Land

Jews For Bernie are in mourning.

WATCH: Roger Waters Looks & Sounds Wasted In This ‘Goodbye Bernie’ Video

Antisemite Roger Waters is clearly unhappy Bernie Sanders threw in the towel. And judging by this next video, he drowned his sorrows.

Jackie Mason Rips Unwitting Jewish Allies of Antisemitism

Jewish comedian Jackie Mason may be funny, but he's not one to mince his words.

Sanders Campaign Denounces Imam Al-Hassan Qazwini’s Past Statements But What About Those of All...

The Bernie Sanders campaign is in damage control as some of the past antisemitic and bigoted statements of Imam Qazwin, who spoke at his recent Dearborn rally, came to light.

WATCH: Antisemites Speaking at “Proud Jew” Bernie Sanders’ Rally

Yesterday at the Dearborn, Michigan rally for Bernie Sanders, a number of antisemites took to the stage to speak in support of Bernie Sanders.

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Gets His Antisemitic Trope On

No wonder he loves Ilhan Omar

What Made Actor John Cusack Declare “Bernie is the Best”

This is what makes John Cusack feel the Bern in his pants

Bernie Sanders Won’t Attend AIPAC, But Look at What He DID Attend

Bernie Sanders has signaled his intention not to attend AIPAC

WATCH: Michael Bloomberg’s Glorious Zinger Response to Bernie Sanders

I thoroughly enjoyed this Mike Bloomberg riposte to Bernie Sanders at the ninth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential election.

My Response to Bernie’s “Proud Jew” Video

Bernie is Jewish when it is convenient for him. He's Jew-ish.

Antisemite Claims Bernie Sanders ‘Was One Of Israel’s Founders’

Syrian Girl cannot handle any Jew being a Presidentiual candidate, even an anti-Israel one
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