Latest Libel: Israeli Soldiers Deliberately Spitting to Spread Coronavirus


Palestinian and anti-Israel sites and social media users have been disseminating a video, which may or may not show an IDF soldier spitting, as proof that there is a concerted effort to spread coronavirus among the palestinians.

Here is the video: as you can see, it has no timestamp, and is not at all clear whether or not a soldier even spits.

Assuming he did, it looks like one soldier may have spat on the ground.

Yet QNN and others try to use this video as proof that many soldiers spat at vehicles and utility poles, in order to spread the coronavirus.

Israeli forces after midnight on Friday stormed the occupied city of Hebron and started contaminating Palestinians’ properties.

Surveillance video footages showed Israeli soldiers spitting at vehicles and utility poles.

The Mayor of the city, TayseerAbu Sneineh, told QNN that locals from the city informed the municipality of the videos

He added that the municipality “is taking everything seriously” and started sterilizing all contaminated places.

Clearly it does not show this.

But further proof this is a lie is that the palestinians cannot even stick to one story. For instance, the Palestine Chronicle – based on a tweeter by the name of Sarah Hassan* – alleges soldiers spat on house doors and cars, in order to intimidate residents amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of Israeli soldiers on Friday stormed several neighborhoods in the West Bank city of Hebron (Al-Khalil) and deliberately spat at Palestinian houses’ doors and cars to intimidate the residents amid Coronavirus outbreak.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli soldiers intentionally and repeatedly spitting at cars, walls and doorsteps.

After the Israeli soldiers withdrew, Palestinian residents rushed to sterilize the places which the soldiers spat at, fearing Coronavirus infection, especially because many Israeli soldiers have already been diagnosed with the novel virus.

And the entire story does not make any sense. If any soldiers were suspected of having coronavirus, they would at least be in quarantine. And certainly not in active service if they were diagnosed with it!

Yet the fact this is obviously a lie has not stopped Israel haters from spreading this libel almost as quickly as the coronavirus itself.

*If the name Sarah Hassan seems familiar, it is because I uncovered one of her other lies before.

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