Survey Proves Israel Has Been Providing Real-Time Coronavirus Updates For Her Arab Citizens


Remember how Israel-haters were claiming Israel was not releasing updates – real-time or otherwise – to her Arab citizens in Arabic?

A newly released survey should confirm what I already showed at the time – the allegation was a malicious lie.

In fact, Arab-Israelis are slightly more positive about the actions taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus than Jewish Israelis!

About 60% of Jewish and Arab Israelis believe that the State of Israel has been dealing effectively with the coronavirus outbreak, according to Tel Aviv University’s March 2020 Peace Index that was released on Sunday.

About 35% of Jewish Israelis responded that they did not believe the government had effectively dealt with the outbreak. 30% of Arab Israelis replied similarly.

When the responses by Jewish Israelis were split by voter preference, the Peace Index found that 72% of right-wing respondents felt that the State of Israel is effectively dealing with the outbreak, while only 41% of center voters and 34% of left-wing voters responded similarly.

Concerning the decision to allow security services to follow those infected with coronavirus, the Arab Israeli public was more supportive of the move than the Jewish public, with 80% of Arab Israelis supporting the step and 74% of Jewish Israelis thinking similarly. Only 38% of left-wing Jewish voters supported the step, while 90% of right-wing voters and 58% of center voters felt the same.

A vast majority (between 83%-85%) of both Jewish and Arab Israelis believe that the prohibition to leave one’s home was necessary. Only 59% of left-wing Jewish voters believed the same.

Note also how the left-wing were most against the measures – I am sure we can learn something from that.

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