Israel-Hater Richard Silverstein Yet Again Displays He Is Clueless in Seattle


Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTMRichard Silverstein likes to consider himself an expert on Israel and the Middle East. But as I have shown time and again, he’s not. In fact, he is highly ignorant when it comes to Israel and even Judaism.

It is Silverstein’s pathological hatred of Israel that forms the reason why Iran’s Press TV keep inviting him on to spout his usual ignorance, while referring to him to a “journalist.” Not any real knowledge or expertise.

In his latest appearance, Silverstein demonstrates yet again that he has no clue about what is going on in Israel.

This is simply not true. Israelis of all political persuasions are genuinely excited about the Abraham Accords with the UAE and Bahrain. Yes, Covid 19 is running rampant here, but we recognize the deal is historic and exciting. In fact, this was the front page of Israel’s largest daily newspaper Yisrael Hayom today:

And here’s the front page of Israel’s second largest daily newspaper Yediot Acharonot:

And Israelis and Emiratis are already signing deals and stand to benefit big time.

I also find it amusing that Silverstein would say Israelis are much more focused on “existential issues.” As if he cares.

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