BDS-Supporting Lecturer: “Hitler Committed No Crime”


Last week, the Algemeiner reported how Lwazi Lushaba — a lecturer at UCT’s Department of Political Studies and a BDS supporter – had defended Hitler.

A prominent South African supporter of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” campaign that opposes the legitimacy of the State of Israel is under investigation by the University of Cape Town (UCT) for delivering a lecture to students in which he defended Adolf Hitler.

In a pre-recorded lecture shared online with first-year political science students, Lwazi Lushaba — a lecturer at UCT’s Department of Political Studies — asserted: “Hitler committed no crime. All Hitler did was to do to white people what white people had normally reserved for black people.”

Lushaba’s comment — which became public as South Africa’s Jewish community marked Yom Hashoah, the annual day of Holocaust remembrance — was described by a spokesperson for UCT as a matter of “grave concern.”

“We are verifying all the facts,” Elijah Moholola told the TimesLIVE news outlet. “In the meantime, the university is clear that all brutalities of genocide constitute both formal crimes against humanity and ongoing sources of pain. We distance ourselves very strongly from any other view.”

Allow me to help with the investigation: here’s the video. And he says more vile things than was reported above.

But do me tell us how BDS is not antisemitic, Mr Barghouti!

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