Usual Suspects Silent After Hamas Officer Beats Female Palestinian Journalist


No Zionists were blamed in the making of this story.

riwa murshidHamas apologized to Palestinian journalist Riwa Murshid on Friday, after she was attacked by a member of the Islamist terror group’s security services, allegedly because she was not wearing a hijab.

Hamas Interior Ministry spokesperson Iyad al-Bozm said that the group was “presenting an apology to Riwa Murshid,” following the results of an investigation into the officer’s conduct. Al-Bozm added that the ministry would imprison the officer involved.

“There was an argument between Murshid and one of the members of the Breach Defenders [a Hamas military unit], who then broke the guidelines for dealing with civilians. He beat her with a tree branch before his colleague rectified the incident and allowed them to leave,” al-Bozm said.

I wonder what object their guidelines do specify to beat civilians with.

Murshid attested that the source of the “argument” was her decision not to wear a traditional headscarf worn by religiously observant Muslim women, known in Arabic as a hijab.

“My body or my clothing were inappropriate, in the words of my assailant, which was why one of the officers used a tree branch to beat me until he left clear and painful marks on my body,” Murshid wrote in a Facebook post describing the incident.

Murshid, who works for the popular Arabic-language news site Raseef22, had entered an open area with several colleagues close to the coastal enclave’s border with Israel to film. It was not the first time they had entered the area; according to Murshid, they had received permission from the owner to film there.

After they had finished shooting, Murshid and her coworkers were approached by two members of Hamas’s security forces. Murshid said she presented her press card and told them she had received permission to film in the area, although Hamas authorities claim she did no such thing.

“While I was introducing myself as a journalist, the conversation turned toward my appearance and not wearing the hijab,” Murshid said. “He kept flinging phrases at me, telling me I was an apostate, that I wasn’t one of them, and that I had no right to speak and that I ought to shut up.”

The officer continued to harass her for her appearance. When Murshid snapped back, telling him to be more polite, he beat her with a stick, she said.

So I clearly was right about the chances of this being sold at Gaza’s Hitler store.

But props to Murshid for not being afraid to tell the truth – as opposed to others on the wrong end of palestinian “justice” who would rather excuse the behavior and attack Israel with lies.

Meanwhile, I haven’t seen a word about this from the likes of Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Roger Waters. Maybe they are just being generally quiet – I seem to have missed their expression of condolences over the 45 dead Jews at Mount Meron as well, after all.

Nor have I seen a word condemning this from any of the so-called human rights campaigners of the woke Left. Perhaps we need to highlight that the Hamas-hole broke off a tree branch (an environmental no-no) to twig them into action.

But seriously, this should tell you all you need to know about these hypocrites. They stand for hatred against Israel and the Jewish people, not for palestinian Arab rights.

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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media