Antisemite Ariyana Love Alleges I Recruit Govt. People To Assault Her, Called For Rape of ‘Shirley Temper’

Jew-hater Ariyana Love has predictably taken exception to my recent blog post ridiculing her appearance on an anti-vaxxer program, presenting herself as a doctor.

In a recent blog post of her own, she ups the crazy with accusations that I do the following (among other things):

  • Recruit people in government to assault her
  • Use official Israeli cyberwarfare tactics
  • Assault women and children
  • Called for the rape of Ahed Tamimi

The deplorable David Lange has been cyberstalking me for the last three years! He’s written a total of 18 libelous and defamatory blogs targeting me and claiming that I hate Jews. Lange has also been recruiting people in government to assault me.

Lange is an employee of SAP Israel. He is a hateful Zionist, and an insidious liar. He claims I have been attacking him “for years” when it is he who has been attacking me for years, using the Israeli state’s cyber warfare tactics!

Lange also attacks hundreds of other people and human rights activists critical of Israel’s racism, Apartheid, and policies of ethnic cleansing. In fact, assaulting innocent people seems to be a full-time career for Mr. Lange.

Lange has been assassinating my character since February of 2018. I called and wrote to SAP Israel but they ignored me! Why are the employees of a multinational IT company harassing me and cyberstalking me online and in my country of residence? Why is a multi-national IT company making false accusations against me and why has SAP Israel been trying to damage my reputation and my earning power?

I have never in my life hated Jews and I have also never spoken against Jews! These are lies. I have only ever criticized ZIONISTS for their war crimes atrocities and horrendous abuse against women and children.

I love Jews and I stand in solidarity with Authentic World Jewry, the True Torah Jews, in their fight against the vicious evils of Zionism, the despicable racism of Apartheid, and the illegal military occupation of Palestine! I love all people and it is my right to defend human rights.

In his latest smear, Lange claims I am “crazy” but who is he to judge? Lange is assaulting single women and even children! Lange and his colleagues even called for the rape of the child political prisoner, Ahed Tamimi, and the murder of another innocent child!

Lange claims I’m “not a doctor” but I have a legal certificate that says I am. Stew Peter and Red Voice Media were very thorough in screening me before having me on the Stew Peter’s Show. So who does Lange think he’s fooling?

I admit I was a bit nervous in my first interview because Stew Peter’s has millions of viewers. Sometimes I undervalue my own abilities but that’s due to years of targeted assaults and defamation by SAP Israel employees.

Lange appears to have a psychopathic personality and relishes in the untold harm he causes to innocent women and children. He should be locked up behind bars because he’s a menace and a danger to society at large.

Lange claims he never worked for SAP Israel but I have documented evidence to the contrary, by Lange’s own admission.

It goes without saying these are all libel, which can be added to previous allegations she has made about me, including:

As for her repeated claims I work for SAP Israel, I repeat that I never worked for them in my life. I worked for a company called SAP Labs Israel, a different company, which I left over two years ago, in order to set up Israellycool Israel Advocacy.

A huge reason for this was to dedicate more of my time to making the lives of antisemites hell, which I am glad to see seems to be working, judging by Love’s repeated, unhinged posts about me and my supposed power.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media