Haters Claim Another Fake ‘Beautiful’ BDS Victory

Yesterday I posted how the haters’ claim that Miss Greece Rafaela Plastira was boycotting the Miss Universe contest in Israel was a lie, because Plastira was never Greece’s Miss Universe contestant to begin with. This follows other lies about Miss South Africa withdrawing (she isn’t), and Miss Malaysia boycotting (she is not competing due to Covid restrictions).

Now comes yet another fake victory surrounding a contestant – Miss Barbados, who also withdrew due to Covid restrictions:


And what do the haters have to say about this?


Note how he is not even claiming she withdrew due to BDS, but admits it was due to Covid restrictions:

Any reason is a good reason to withdraw from Apartheid Israel Miss Universe Pageant.

We welcome the withdrawal of Miss Universe Barbados @hillary.ann.williams from the Beauty Pageant in Apartheid Israel in December 2021 citing Covid 19 conditions and restrictions

Yet this is somehow held up as a kind of victory. Other haters, though, go the extra step to lie about why she withdrew:

It seems lying is a compulsion for them.

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