‘Fake’ Miss Greece Rafaela Plastira Keeps Up Pretense She Was The Real Deal

A few days ago, I posted how “Miss Greece” Rafaela Plastira, who announced she was boycotting the Miss Universe contest in Israel, was never Greece’s representative to begin with.

Despite being aware of the posts exposing her lie, Plastira is still keeping up the pretense:


It’s so beautiful to see how much love and support and understanding I get from all of you.. Palestine you are not only in my mind every day but you have the most beautiful place in my heart forever ❤️
my guardian angels are there when needed. 🙏⭐️ 👼
I will always keep praying for all of you!
I didn’t expect this love support.. 🥺
I finally see real souls with clean hearts.. I feel it. I am disappointed in Miss Universe for this ! it was a childhood dream for me but I really don’t care. I CARE about my people !!
Humanity ABOVE Beauty Pageants !
I fought hard to stand here but let’s not forget…
All Alone from day one.. I’m thankful to my mom for everything. 🙏❤️
I will react to all of you one by one! I promise you all!
I wish I could do more for my people there ! 🙏❤️
There may be lines on our maps but for me NO lines exist we all live together 🌎🫂❤️
Thank you for everything ..
Thank you for understanding
I really appreciatie you all!
Thankful , blessed 🥲❤️

it’s time to make our voices louder than ever!! ✊

We are all together ! 🫂 🇬🇷🇵🇸❤️

Lots of Love & hugs
Star Hellas 2019 ⭐️

Talk about Duckface (with a capital ‘F’).

Note her further lie:

There may be lines on our maps but for me NO lines exist we all live together

She is literally pretending to boycott an entire country, yet has the chutzpah to suggest for her there are no lines on maps, just people all living together.

Meanwhile, Plastira has commented on a post about her on the Facebook page of the Hamas-associated Quds News Network:

I guess she is either a regular reader or at the very least not at all bothered by their constant incitement and terror support.

Incidentally, clicking on her Facebook profile reveals she doesn’t even live in Greece.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media