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A British woman of Pakistani roots, Inara was born Muslim and wants to raise awareness of antisemitism among some in the Muslim community.
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn May Face Libel Trial

Jeremy Corbyn may face a libel trial after the High Court cleared the way for Jewish blogger Richard Millett to proceed with a libel case

Sudan Repeals 1958 Israel Boycott Law Amid Normalisation Trend

Sudan has voted to officially end a decades long Israel boycott law as part of its efforts to normalise ties with Israel

Sarah Halimi Injustice: President Macron Urges Changes to the Law

President Macron is calling for a change in the law after the decision by France’s Supreme Court not to prosecute Kobili Traoré for murder.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Plans to Visit Israel if Re-elected

Speaking in Golders Green, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said he plans to visit Israel if re-elected for a second term

French Islamist Kobili Traoré Evades Trial for Killing Sarah Halimi

The French Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that Kobili Traoré is ineligible to stand trial for killing Sarah Halimi
Hamid Dabashi

Anti-Israel Professor Hamid Dabashi Benefited From Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar’s Philanthropy

Pierre Omidyar's Roshan Foundation has funded, among many other things, a 2016 lecture and book signing by Israel-hater Hamid Dabashi
herzl sultan fake meeting

Origin of Fake Footage Depicting Herzl and Sultan Abdul Hamid II

On Youtube, there are video clips depicting what is described as Theodore Herzl pleading with Abdul Hamid II to buy land in Palestine
Imran Khan

Pakistani PM Imran Khan Conflates Holocaust Denial With Blasphemy

Imran Khan, former cricketer and current Prime Minister of Pakistan, recently made a series of antisemitic assertions

Mufti Mohammed Amin Pandor Accused UK Chief Rabbi of Endorsing Sex Slavery

The Mail on Sunday reveals that Mufti Mohammed Amin Pandor shared fake news aimed at smearing the UK Chief Rabbi of endorsing sex slavery
Rabbi E Beck

Neturei Karta on Nation-States and Sovereignty

Is Rabbi Beck of the Neturei Karta holding Jews to a higher standard than he does Muslims, when it comes to nation states?
Rabbi E Beck

Neturei Karta on Messianism

Some of the closest allies of the Neturei Karta are Islamic fundamentalists who are unlikely to be accepting of the future Messianic state
Rabbi E Beck

Neturei Karta on Khazars and Jewish Identity

Does the Neturei Karta agree with their antisemitic allies regarding the claim that Jews are descended from Khazars?

Hizb-ut-Tahrir Seeks Alliance with Leftists & Marxists to Overthrow the West

5 Pillars discuss with Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain whether Muslims should work towards the re-establishment of the Caliphate
nazim ali

The Nazim Ali Hearing Part 3: The “Khazar” Slur

The final in a series of posts about the GPhC determination against Nazim Ali, after his comments made at the Al Quds Day rally in 2017
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